Spirited Messages


Loved it! 😍

Handy guide to get through life by being your best self. Can be read as and when required and not necessarily in one sitting.

I went in with little or no expectations from this book. After reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s books extensively one would feel that all has been written/said about the after life and messages from beyond. But I was mistaken.

The messages in this book are profound to say the least - simple, daily learnings that would do us good to imbibe in our life. I soon forgot that the author was relaying conversations with her Guide. It seemed like spiritual talk between a guru and student. Relatable language and very easy to understand.

You won’t find any earth-shattering or path-breaking pointers, because I suppose there aren’t any. We humans tend to gravitate towards that which is complicated and in the process often overlook the easy learnings. We think - “If it’s too easy, how come it isn’t working for anyone else?” And in this way no one really ends up following the learnings that are simple. 

I skipped through sections which had a focus on shamanism only because it doesn’t resonate with me, but it could make for an interesting read for others. I wish the author had spent some more time on the relationship with her guide on earth. I forget if she had mentioned if her Guide was her father, brother, friend, husband or a complete stranger. For someone developing an interest in the spirit world, some more guidance on how to connect with your Guide would be helpful. Albeit a very small mention in the beginning, nothing else was mentioned on how to connect with your Guide.

This book delivers what it promises - messages from the spirit world. The book is a collection of essays on different topics - love, feeling, compassion, heart, concerns etc. each essay no longer than 500 words. I would have liked if these topics were clumped together and more time spent on each overarching theme. I read through the book in a day and a half; easy language but which makes it difficult to retain information. However instead of remembering it all, I have taken out 2-3 key points and I hope to incorporate them in my daily life.

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Published on July 04, 2020

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