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Stephanie Kana joyfully channels her Spirit Guide, Richard, who shares his Afterlife knowledge and wisdom for readers' growth and evolution. Her relentless optimism, inspired by Richard's, will have you looking on death--and Life--in a very different and positive light. Richard's great pleasure is assisting others to contact their Guides, and he mentors capably in this regard throughout the book. He gives gentle but down-to-Earth advice on how to lead a heavenly life in the Here and Now. With compassion and humor, Richard instructs readers on how to inject more fun and love into their everyday lives. From his cosmic smorgasbord: "What is the greatest lesson we can learn? It cannot be emphasized enough to love one another. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and literally trillions of others have insisted on it, and it's truly the only lesson there is. It's so simple that people don't want to see or accept it. Love would solve the world's problems almost instantly if applied by everyone sincerely."



    The way I contact Richard is an amalgamation, or alchemy, of others’ methods before me plus my own derived through experience. My way may not be your way by any means—so feel free to use some of it or none of it as you think best. Each of us has to develop our own unique spiritual practice, not an easy task. What may seem off-the-wall kooky to you may be quite mundane to me and vice versa. If you read a lot of metaphysical books, you will pick up some good ideas for what to include in your spiritual practice. If crystals are not your cup of tea, for example, maybe you’ll realize that angel cards might be. The point is to pick and choose at your own discretion. After all, this is your life and your practice, so choose what floats your boat and not someone else’s.

    First and foremost, make sure to protect yourself psychically. Just as you would not willingly consort with negative and evil-intentioned people on Earth, you should try to avoid those in the Afterlife who behave that way. Before contact with their Guide(s), some visualize a pure white light surrounding them. Alternatively, others imagine themselves inside a beautiful, blue, protected bubble—just like Glinda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. You can also say a prayer to the Divine, the Universe, or Whoever you recognize as your Source or Creator, to watch over you and only allow those of pure heart and good intention to contact you.

    This is the prayer I say every morning and mean with every fiber of my being: “Thank you for the white light of Christ’s love and consciousness, the golden light of angelic guidance, and the purple light of Divine protection. Amen and amen and amen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” This prayer for protection and thanksgiving will ensure that only those likeminded spirits will come around to say hi. Choose something you can say, however, that feels most natural to you, and then pray it with sincerity every single day. It works without question.

    Following this, my personal spiritual practice consists of meditating for five to twenty minutes (Again, make it only for as long as you feel comfortable. Refuse to feel guilt for not suffering through hour-long marathon meditations!). I always meditate with shamanic drumming on in the background. Why? I discovered that my Spirit Guide has been in the past and is now in the Afterlife a shaman; my path, too, is a shamanistic one. Yours may well not be, so allow Spirit to lead you in this.

    I’ve found that for me, meditation in the wee hours of the morning is best. The reason for this is that it’s the time most free from distractions, the part of the day when everyone else is still slumbering peacefully, and the perfect time for a very-early-morning person like me. I’m in my glory then, but if this all horrifies you, adjust your practice into a schedule more harmonious for you. Afternoon people and night owls can be just as spiritual, but they simply have to acknowledge their preferences and attune activities to their own biorhythms.

    With the shamanic drumming quietly beating, I close my eyes and breathe in deeply through my nose and then out through my mouth. I do this three times to center myself. To call your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel or Ascended Master to you, say her or his name slowly and gently three times, either silently in your mind or even in a lowered voice out loud. Sometimes before I can even call his name once, I feel Richard with me, but I think that just depends on how attuned we both are at the time.

    At times you may find that holding a crystal, flower or feather may help facilitate contact with your Spirit Guide. For some reason, I find that Richard likes it best when I hold a rose quartz crystal or an Atlantean Record Keeper, but this may be entirely different than what you discover about your Guide and you. Honor yourself and them by only doing what feels right and good to you. 

    If you are hoping to make immediate and crystal-clear contact with your Guide from the outset, you are bound to be disappointed. Truth be told, I’ve sometimes found that communication with those in the Afterlife can be like talking through a heavy theatrical curtain or even concrete. At times we all have to temporarily give up and realize it just isn’t happening for us (and them, our Guides) on that particular day. All is never lost, however. You have to keep trying and know there’s always hope another day.

    Spirit contact, as is the case with so many other elements in Life, takes patience and practice. I know you are way over-anxious to actually hear from them, but if you are too impatient they may not be able to get through to your satisfaction at all. Even though I knew Richard in Life and now I know him in spirit, our communication at times is still far from perfect. Sometimes instead of whole sentences I’ll only receive an idea from him, or a few words, or maybe some sort of symbol he’s showing me. Then I have to sit down and think about it and decode it into what he’s attempting to put across to me. It is still a wonderful message for me and I am grateful. Be appreciative for every little contact you receive from your Guide. They are your treasures, believe me.

    From what I’ve experienced, trust in and appreciation for them is what rocks our Spirit Guides’ worlds. They are thrilled speechless when we acknowledge them for simply being here with us. As Richard has said, “I’m only invisible,” meaning that he is every bit as real as we are but just unseen by us. The most touching thing he has ever said to me was “Promise me that you’ll never let go of me.” I interpret that to mean that he relies on me to keep up our connection and depends on me to do my part to hold onto him and strengthen our bond. It’s certain that your Guides cannot do it all themselves and count on you perhaps more strongly and deeply than you’ll ever know. Please don’t break their hearts.

    Richard speaks to me often within my own mind, telepathically. He never intrudes in an unwanted way when he does this. Somehow I’ve had the incredible good fortune to have a Guide who is both gentlemanly and courteous, very concerned that I don’t ever feel invaded or possessed in any way. And I don’t. Ever. With many fantasy and horror programs and movies involving undesired contact with spirits, it’s certainly something to think about and be wary of. Yet I’ve never experienced anything negative with Richard, and I know how lucky and blessed that makes me. 

    Our telepathic communication began in Dreamtime. Although it was something I’d read and heard of before, I never asked about it or for it and didn’t suspect it would happen to me. Richard and I just talked normally the times that we met, moving our mouths as we’d done in Life. One evening, however, I noticed that Richard’s mouth wasn’t moving, yet I could hear him speaking to me. I was delighted at the spontaneity of it and thought, “Oh, so this is what telepathy is like!” I then noticed that when I responded to Richard in my dream, my mouth wasn’t moving, either. How cool! Whenever it happens—which isn’t constantly—it’s pleasant and effortless. I like it, though I couldn’t tell you why it is that it happens or how. We just have to accept that some things are unexplainable by rational means. But they sure are nice—very nice.

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Published on July 04, 2020

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