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Somethings Eating the Garden


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A sensory delight for young readers brimming with colorful imagery showcasing an assortment of animals and the beauty of the garden.

This book beautifully captures a special memory between a grandfather and grandchild enjoying time together in the garden. The whimsical illustrations, charming rhymes and parade of animals against the bold and bright colors of this sweet and evocative moment will appeal to young children. The story is a reminder to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of life -- time spent with family, a warm spring day, the peaceful feeling of time spent in nature, the free spirited imagination and sense of wonder evoked through the eyes of a toddler. Gorgeous illustrations set the tone and create a dream like feeling of nostalgia. Sure to be a beloved read aloud.

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I am a mom to a toddler, a learning specialist at a small progressive school, a born and raised Brooklynite and a lover of travel and discovering new things. I consider myself an open minded, life long learner.


A darling children's book with beautifully painted illustrations, that captures every reader's attention. Take a trip to Papa's garden with him to solve the mystery of "What is eating the garden". He knows, but can you guess? Maybe it's a bunny, a sneaky bandit raccoon, a crocodile, or something even BIGGER!
Young and old alike will be surprised by the ending!
This book is a fun way to enjoy your vegetables too!

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Pam Fries, the author and illustrator of "Something's Eating the Garden", is a mother and grandmother. She chose the field of Primary Education in college. She especially enjoyed all the children's vivid imagination during their preschool years. She keeps very busy with grandchildren and painting. view profile

Published on December 16, 2018

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