Solar Fury


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A well put together story with memorable characters that you will enjoy

I haven't read an apocalyptic type thriller in a while and I'm satisfied that this is the book that I chose to break my 'fast'. The story was interesting enough to have me going back to it daily. It managed to be cute at times and funny at others but it was overall satisfying to read. Great for people who enjoy apocalyptic or survival stories.

The story follows Riley as she journeys through what she considers the end of the world to get back to her family. It was interesting to see the decisions that Riley made. There were times when Riley's progression seemed to coincide with her prescribed personality. But then there were times when she did things I would deem out of character and unrealistic for one such as herself. However, that alone would not allow me to dislike this book.

While there is a case of insta-love in this book (a trope that I absolutely despise), I did not find myself cringing involuntarily when I saw the trope's progression, which simply means that the author did something right (I am very hard to please). By the end of the book I was somewhat and unwillingly rooting for the couple and hoping for the best for them both.

Let's talk plot. The direction in which the story ended up was largely what you would expect. There were events and 'truths' in the story that took me out of it in instances because of how unlikely they were to truly happen. But honestly, if a story is good enough to weave characters and a plot together in such as way that keeps you reading irregardless of whether it's unbelievable, then it is a good story in my book.

There were scenes that I thought could have been cut as they didn't really bring anything to the story and Act III was a little too long. After the final climax, there was too much unnecessary 'story' left. It's hard for a reader to keep reading a story after the climax has happened. Arguably, what I consider to be the climax might not be what the author has dubbed that.

All in all, it was a good book. I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy books in the genre.

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E.A. Chance is a writer of suspense, thriller and post-apocalyptic women's fiction who thrives on crafting tales of everyday superheroes. She has traveled the world and lived in five countries. She currently resides in the Williamsburg, Virginia area with her husband. view profile

Published on June 16, 2020

Published by Darlington Publishing

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

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