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Sol: The True Self


Not for me 😔

"Sol" appeared to have a promising story full of action and intrigue, but it has a fairly lackluster execution.

I was immediately sucked in by the synopsis of this book. It promises a brand new Fantasy twist to modern New York, intense fights, and a perplexing mystery. However, the novel fell short of my expectations.

None of the characters are interesting, or relatable. Each new person was generic carbon copy of the last, with very minor differences. There wasn't an ounce of character development, either. Not once did I feel panic for someone's safety, or feel sorry for a character's misfortune, or even feel hatred for a character's personality or actions.

The fight scenes that I had hoped would have brought some color to the story were lackluster, too. These were simply not interesting. The characters' fighting didn't feel skilled, or clumsy (in the case of the new person). I never felt upset that someone was hurt, nor did I feel excited during these scenes as the characters triumphed over their enemies.

I think what it all boils down to, and what my biggest issue about the novel was, is the writing. There is an abundance of redundant word usage, plus a lot of awkward phrasing or unnecessary wording. If the author ran this through an editor and reworked things, I believe it could be a great novel, but as it is, it's merely OK.

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Published on May 11, 2019

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