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A wonderful journal that can be used in any church service; for avid note-takers or those just getting started.

The Soar Journal by Bob Rombach is designed to be a keepsake book that will be kept around for years to come. In the introduction, Rombach discusses his inspiration behind the journal. He did not want to be a hearer of the Word, but a doer of the Word. He found that once he left the church, he had a hard time remembering what happened in the service. He tried several methods before settling on the one that worked for him, the Soar Journal.

The Soar Journal is a system that will help you organize your sermon notes, thoughts and questions from the sermon, prayer requests, and even songs that spoke to you during worship. It will help you to stay focused on what is going on in the service, from announcements to prayer requests, to worship songs, and the sermon, there is a space for everything.

After the two pages designed to be used during the sermon, there are two pages designed for immediate review, which the author recommends filling out before leaving the service. One page is for a summary of the sermon, action steps, additional scriptures, and memory verses. If used in this way at the end of the year you will have memorized 52 passages of scripture. The second page is a daily journal that has Monday through Saturday on it, with lines where you can write brief notes. Next to the lines are three boxes that you can check for completion. They are read scripture, scripture memory, and prayer requests.

As a note-taker, I can appreciate the thoughtfulness of this method. I have been known to grab the bulletin to write an announcement down or jot down a quick prayer request. However, now with the pandemic, we are not doing bulletins and I never think to add these things to the same notebook that I take the sermon notes in. I like that the Soar Journal takes the weekly sermon further, by giving you space to reflect on what the Pastor has preached on.

Having reviewed the Soar Journal in a PDF format, it is hard to see if there are any downfalls. The only one that I can potentially see is that lines appear close together, and for the daily notes, it does not seem like it will be enough space. Other than that, there was not anything about this book that I did not like. It is edited well and set up in a way that is user-friendly, with some tips at the beginning of the journal.

I would recommend the Soar Journal for anyone who takes notes during Church or wants to take notes during the sermon. This book is appropriate for teenagers on up. The lines will not be big enough for younger children or those who have a hard time writing small. This book would be a great gift idea for anyone who wants to take the Sunday message into their week, or simply wants to dig in deeper to what the preacher has taught.


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Published on March 24, 2021

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