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So You Want To Go Contracting?


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So You Want To Go Contracting is a step by step guide for all freelancers, contractors, and interim managers.

There are over 70 million freelancers in the world today, and many more are joining this fraternity daily. In So You Want To Go Contracting, Paul Taylor presents a simple guide for current freelancers and any individual who is thinking about freelancing or contacting.  The information the author provides in this short text, will help persons make informed decisions about freelancing.

I believe readers will love the structure of this book. The author often uses bullet points which makes it easy to follow and understand. I love the fact that the author takes a few minutes to explain the differences between freelance, contractor, and interim work at the beginning. While these terms are interchangeable, it is also important to know how they are different. I welcome the fact that the author uses simple headings and language because this makes it easy for readers to follow and understand. The Key Points Sections at the end of each chapter is a great idea and a bonus.

Taylor expertly guides the reader through sections like why do people want to become a contractor, why do firms want contractors, who would be your competition, the good and bad points of being a contractor, key points for a first time contractor, etc.  These simple headings leave no doubt as to what each section will cover, and that is refreshing.

So You Want To Go Contracting comes at a time when so many persons are considering freelance work. Most persons can benefit, and will be thankful, for the simple layout and language that the author uses in this book. Paul Taylor is highly qualified to write on the subject because he has been contracting for over 10 years. I highly recommend this book as a staple on the shelves of current and future freelancers or contractors.

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So You Want to Be a Contractor? Why Do People Want to Become a Contractor?

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Published on October 18, 2018

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