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So How Will You Sleep


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"So How Will You Sleep" by Annabel Gardiner can be used in homes or classrooms of various age groups

Young children will run into a library and pick up a book whose cover catches their eyes. So How Will You Sleep's cover will do just that. The otters, drawn by Samantha Thorley, are adorable. The other animals and insects inside the story are just as darling. 

So How Will You Sleep by Annabel Gardiner can be used in homes or classrooms of various age groups. There are many one-syllable words preschoolers and young readers will master in no time. For toddlers, you can practice saying animal/insect names. Finally, I don't believe there's a single word an independent reader won't be able to pronounce. 

Everyone will love the smiling, sleeping faces. I sure did. They put a smile on my face. :)

When you finish reading this story, go back and see if you can find all the hidden caterpillars, as Annabel Gardiner (the author) suggested. What a fun game! I must admit, I didn't even notice them until she pointed them out.  

There are seven groups of sleepy heads in So How Will You Sleep, but many more slumber at night. Depending on your audience's age, ask them to name other animals that sleep at night and where. Maybe draw their favorite nighttime snoozer. 

Print length: 26 pages

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Do you want to sleep in a tree like a koala?
How about at the bottom of the ocean like a whale?
Or upside down in a cave like a bat?
Discover how different creatures go to sleep at night and imagine yourself snuggling down with them at bed time.
You can also try and spot the playful caterpillar hidden on every page.

About the author

Annabel Gardiner grew up in Bristol and has a BA Honours degree in English Literature from Queen's University Belfast. Her debut novel "So How Will You Sleep" has been inspired and written for her two young children who share her passion for animals from all corners of the world. view profile

Published on January 31, 2022

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

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Genre: Picture Books

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