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A great read with laugh-out-loud moments, following the unexpected outcomes of the surprise acquisition of an extraordinary power.

Snapped! is a highly entertaining Young Adult novel, where young protagonist, Lester, learns lessons in how “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


Isn’t it everyone’s dream, sometimes, to stop time and grab some breathing space? To his surprise, freshman Lester finds he suddenly has this ability – with no idea how or why. With best friend Peter he investigates the reaches of his new power, becoming “a punk kid [who] can stop everything from moving except for the people he wants to”. The target for bully Austin, a senior, Lester delights in turning the tables with his “disappearing” tricks.


Lester finds an ally in Nellie who, after years of reading detective novels, is good at finding clues and solving problems. Lester and Peter are not so smart, requiring Nellie to explain her thinking to them. This genius strategy encourages readers of all levels to develop their inferring skills, in a way that never becomes mundane: less confident readers can practise “reading between the lines” to predict Nellie’s reasoning before she reveals it to the witless Lester and Peter, while confident readers can test their inferences against her big reveals.


Ultimately, the protagonist has to decide how to use his power, with Peter keeping Lester’s far-flung expectations realistic. Having been overlooked by almost everyone but bullies, “righting wrongs required bravery that wasn’t common” for Lester … yet he finds himself working to fight crime, with an unlikely collaborator. As the stakes escalate, admiration between Lester and Nellie grows, and Lester wonders if there is “a forever when time [is] stopped”. All the characters learn about themselves through their escapades, with Lester concluding that how others perceive him is less important than “how you think about yourself”.


With its few errors corrected Snapped! would be suitable as a text to study in classes for young adolescents, as well as to sit on home bookshelves. Its fast pace and simple (without being simplistic) language create a worthy model of effective writing: the plot keeps the reader wanting to know more, and the characters are well-drawn. It’s particularly suited to less confident readers as its shorter length and clear expression make it easily accessible.


Follose, a former drama teacher, first wrote Snapped! as a film script, then developed it into a stage play. This YA novel is the story’s third incarnation, which confirms why it’s as well-honed as it is.

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Martin A. Follose was a performing arts teacher at a small school in Southern Oregon for over 30 years. Martin started writing plays and musicals for his drama group and has over 15 plays and musicals published. He recently started crafting his plays into novels. view profile

Published on May 17, 2021

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Genre: Young Adult

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