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Six Second Mindfulness Meditations: Exercises to Transform Any Moment


Worth reading 😎

Easy to use examples to introduce meditation to your daily life.. practical and fun. One can make it a regular habit with kids too!

I love meditations. Love the peace and calm I feel while I am meditating and the sense of clarity that comes through after a session. But even with the lockdown and more time at hand, I find I am unable to really devote 20-25 mins of my day for meditations. This is where I found Six Second Mindfulness Meditations to be extremely handy. I always assumed that to meditate you need a quiet room and a minimum of 15-20mins on hand. But through this book I learned the concept of short-2 minute meditations which can be spread throughout the day - before doing any task or even while I am just moving from one room to another. 

The book is ideal for someone who has very little knowledge of what it means to ‘meditate’. As someone who practices it regularly, I found it a little on the side of theory. However, the information is highly beneficial if you are new to the practice. Many scenarios and examples given in the book are easy to inculcate and practice in the day-to-day life. If you have children, it's a great way to introduce them to the concept without making it sound boring.

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Blair developed Higher Consciousness Meditation after many years of meditation and a traumatic job loss. He dove deep into his meditation practice and emerged with new, vibrant ways of coping with life’s challenges. I discovered a variety of techniques and tools useful for personal developmen... view profile

Published on November 11, 2020

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