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Simon's Tree Party


Must read 🏆

A masterfully written and beautifully illustrated book to warm your heart and bring you closer to home.

Simon's Tree Party written by Stephen G. Bowling begins with a very simple problem. Simon wants to invite his friends over for lunch at his house, but who could ever come? Who among his barnyard friends could accept his warm invitation? One by one, Simon goes to his friends and yet, each one seems to have a problem in coming over. Will Simon give up? What do you think would he do?

Told through the use of rhymes, this delightful story will amaze children of all ages as they follow Simon and his friends. This is a story that presents a simple problem that must be overcome, and readers can participate in trying to think of a way to solve it. In presenting each animal friend, young ones get to know the reason why it is difficult for them to come. The excitement also builds up as Simon continues to pursue his desire of having his friends over for lunch.

There is something about this book that inspires and warms your heart. It’s the very mood set by the story of trying to keep friends together, bringing them closer to home and welcoming them where you can open up your heart in joy. Matched with superbly drawn illustrations that help one to perfectly visualize Simon’s world, this is a book that has everything in it to be a classic one.

The story flows smoothly and lightly, bringing you the lovely feeling of home. Each illustration looks like a painting, beautiful and exquisite, inviting each one to take a closer look and see.

This book is a precious treasure to cherish, one that children can go back to again and again. It’s the perfect bedtime story to bring back that cozy feeling of friends, family and home.

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He’s inviting everyone to his house. But will anyone come?

Simon Invites his barnyard friends to his birdhouse for lunch. He asks the goose, the cow, the pig….and soon discovers he has a BIG problem. Will anyone come? Can Mother Bird help?

If you and your child enjoy heartwarming beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, with great rhymes and a fun story, you will love Stephen G, Bowling’s book Simon’s Tree Party.

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Published on November 30, 2020

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