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A Tempting, Intriguing Possibility that stirs the imagination and plays on your emotions.

Space. Time. Quantum Physics. Parallel Dimensions. Malevolence. If you enjoy reading stories that skim the fine line between possible and improbable, Shimmers will tempt and intrigue!

A team of physicists conduct an experiment that gives them more than they bargained for, opening a door to a force that has lifelong repercussions....but not for them. During their experiment, several miles away, two young boys encounter Shimmers that only they can see. One of them steps through the sparkling incandescence and disappears.

His twin, James, is left behind with nothing but unanswered questions. Though he didn't follow his brother and disappear into the Shimmer, he continues to see them. They terrify and tempt, leading him, his younger siblings and his best friend on an adventure that will change they way they see the world around them forever.

The magic of Shimmers is that it will also change the way readers see the world around them. The skillfully woven tale never pushes the boundaries of probability so far that the reader has to 'press the I Believe button'. Grounded by enough science to make the story just possibly possible, it both delights and intrigues, providing a fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror spectacle any reader will enjoy. 

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Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author of Fantasy, Dystopian Action, Romance and Poetry. Morgan's captivating tales serve as a backdrop for messages like 'show thankfulness through kindness and appreciate blessings through generosity' and 'the only way to achieve peace is by becoming peace'

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Shimmers is Dr. Strecker’s debut novel. Born in 1970, Jon grew up in the small town of Bellevue, OH, which continues to be a source of inspiration. Jon was influenced by his large family of seven and his strong friendships, which have heavily influenced his style of writing, view profile

Published on October 16, 2020

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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