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Exciting contemporary romance featuring a bi main character, steamy sex, dual POV, and a happy ending

All throughout the first book Love & Rum, I was entranced by Tiff. She is one of those larger-than-life people that makes me yearn for my own best friend just like her. She is one of a kind, honest, true to herself, beautiful, and talented. She also has her own set of unique flaws and backstories. As an introvert, I'm in love with Tiff and her charm. I don't want to just have a best friend like her, I also want to be her. I want to be confident in who I am, hardworking, and clever. I can also relate to Tiff and her problems, some of them growing out of her flaws and some of the outcomes of her reactions to the situations she's thrust into. She can be a hothead, speaking her mind, even when she knows there will be blowback and I love her for this. 

I absolutely love how the author is able to show bisexuality through Tiff, her relationships, and her thoughts about those relationships. As someone much closer to the heterosexual end of the spectrum, the way the author cleverly wrote about Tiff and her romantic relationships really helped me empathize. I will never truly understand or be able to sympathize because my own experience will also be lacking. Through powerfully written characters like Tiff, I can put myself in her shoes and begin to appreciate the difficulties, triumphs, stresses, and prejudices a bi person may face. That's why characters like Tiff and books like Sex & Sours are so important. 

Sam has his own distinctive personality (and POV chapters) but is sometimes overshadowed by the force of nature that is Tiff. He has his own set of flaws and is a fully fleshed-out lead interest which I very much appreciated. 

The world of The Cocktail Series continues with the characters Jackson and Audrey from book one but doesn't much advance their story as this second book is all about Tiff and Sam and their journey. 

The style of this book two in the series is true to the tone set in book one Love & Rum. This romantic comedy will appeal to most romance readers who enjoy dual POV, lots of steamy sex scenes, and a happy ending.

I can't wait to read the next novel by this author and/or in this series. Not only did I feel like I learned something, but it was also a very enjoyable book to read.

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Dani McLean is an emerging author of sexy, snarky stories featuring kickass women who can’t quite get their shit together, and the irresistible but confused men who fall in love with them. When she isn’t conducting unofficial wine tastings in her pyjamas, she’s devouring all things romance. view profile

Published on October 05, 2021

90000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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