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Sascha Martin's Super Ball


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A fun, imaginative, strangely amusing and unforgettable read for children.

Many times, things are not what they seem. That’s exactly what a normal-looking rubber ball would prove to be. In Sascha Martin's Super Ball by John Nichol, be ready for a wacky, unexpected and totally out of this world adventure that would leave you looking for more.

Following the other books in the Sascha Martin series, this story would be an endless fountain of amusement, wonder and fun for children and adults alike. It can be read with parents for a bonding time with lots of laughs or it can be read and re-read by kids as they enjoy this delightful and imaginative story again and again. Told through the use of rhymes, it’s even more engaging and fun when recited or listened to.

Challenge your creative instincts and ingenuity by trying to figure out what in the world could happen next with Sacha’s super ball. How far would it go? How long would they roll around? What could you possibly do to stop them all?

Filled with vivid illustrations that match the peculiar qualities of this story, it’s a book that can quickly attract the curiosity and attention of children. It can help them visualize themselves with the interesting characters of the story.

It’s an entertaining and imaginative book children would easily remember long after it is read.

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Sascha Martin’s News Day. Mr Jack and Mrs Barnum are strangely upbeat, when they should be terrified. And kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement.
Introducing his latest invention, Sascha has only this to say: “Don’t drop the Super Ball!”
Why not? What happens if you drop it?
Sascha’s not telling. And his nemesis, Mary-Alice Cooper, will do anything to uncover his secret.
Could things get out of hand? They certainly could, and it wouldn’t take much to set the ball rolling.
One small misstep for Sascha. Check.
One giant leap for Mr Jack. Check.
One girl who won’t take “Just be patient, Mary-Alice,” for an answer. Check.
From John Arthur Nichol and Manuela Pentangelo, the team who brought you Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship and Sascha Martin’s Time Machine, comes the latest chortle-inducing catastrophe from the chain of disasters that is the Sascha Martin series.
Sascha Martin’s Super Ball. His worst disaster yet, by leaps and bounds.

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Published on March 15, 2021

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