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Salvaging Truth, Hunters & Seekers, Book 1


Loved it! 😍

A fun, fast-paced romance novel that appeals to everyone. I highly recommend it!

Salvaging Truth by Joanne Jaytanie is about a young woman's desperate search for the truth about what has happened to her mother, and a romance story that is both heartwrenching and very fairy tale-like, but is also lively, fun and quick-witted.

What I loved about Salvaging Truth: the romance was believable, full of the twists and turns that can be expected in new relationships, and the communication between the characters was realistic as well. There were definitely bits that felt a little clunky but overall I loved the relationships that progressed throughout the book. What I appreciated the most about Salvaging Truth is that rather than having the characters jump into bed immediately after feelings were realized, the emotional impact was actually more realistic to what it would be like in a normal relationship (no two week romance to be seen here).

Often in romances, the sexual relationship takes more precedence than the emotional relationship. In Salvaging Truth, the sexual relationship was built up to, letting each character work on communication before having sex. This also meant that the mystery of what happened to the main female character's mother was more prominent throughout the book, and the emotional relationship between the two main characters came second to the mystery. I love this way of storytelling because it allows the reader to gain more information about the characters and gain a deeper sense of why the relationship between the main female character and her mother matters to the plot.

If you are looking for a character driven romance, without constant sex scenes that don't actually do anything for the plot, I highly recommend picking up Salvaging Truth by Joanne Jaytanie; you may be surprised!

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USA Today Author, Joanne Jaytanie writes romantic suspense & paranormal/supernatural. When she's not writing, she loves to travel, in both real life and within the pages of her current book. Joanne, her husband, and Doberman, call the Olympic Peninsula home, with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mts. view profile

Published on January 31, 2019

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