Sallow House


Loved it! 😍

Delightfully thrilling, terrifyingly realistic, with the correct balance between dialogue and action, fantasy and reality.

The author masterfully develops both Sallow House's plot and characters, expertly creating a pseudo-realistic world, filled with elements of fantasy such as vampires, on top of the very realistic world that each and every one of us readers may inhabit.

Dialogue is painstakingly vivid and genuine, something which adds to the story's credibility and fills the readers with suspense and wonder as to whether such a story could actually not be a figment of fantasy. That, above all, makes Sallow House successful in its genre, despite it dealing with vampires, that represent antique, vague supernatural horrors and superstitions of humanity.

The characters which live and breathe and talk in this book's pages, are also a testament to the author's success to deliver genuine, powerful approximations of human behavior under circumstances similar to those of the plot. They are remarkable even as they are vulnerable. They are very well constructed and very symmetrically developed along the lines of the plot.

Sallow House strongly resonates the tenets of post-humanism, with the author playing with the concept that this world is not, and never was, about the human race. Perhaps vampires are the next step in this world's evolution and status quo, instead of the cyborgs or AIs of science fiction. It is a notion that may at first come off as a stretch, but Sallow House artfully places it in the reader's mind, since the vampires it portrays, as well as their society, feel extremely innovative, modern and are gazing towards the future than ever before.

From a feminist perspective, Sallow House is strongly male-centered, with little female characters, at least of importance. The females are daughters or mothers in distress, naked women prey to vampires etc. This obsession with regards to the female body as sexual or feeding instrument to the mostly male vampires is a very powerful embodiment of male sexual lust, attachment and conquest of the beautiful "other", and can perhaps be traced back to Romantic or Victorian interests of the author, as well as the origins of the vampire myth in literature.

All in all, this book is exquisitely well-written and it fills the readers with suspense and anticipation for what will happen next. That, in my book, is a job well done, and should be the goal of every book out there, especially books that date with well-trodden myths, such as vampires.

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Published on May 08, 2019

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