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Ronnie the Helicopter: Wings


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A sweet story about a helicopter who learns not everyone is the same, but everyone is of equal value - something highly important to learn.

Ronnie the Helicopter is such an necessary and special book for young children, and I think it can really help many leave their shy shells as they grow because of the worry that being different to everyone else is bad. This book can easily remedy that.

The writing is kept simple, which means it wouldn't be too challenging to read for a young child. It was also full of basic facts such as how a plane can fly, which can allow kids to spark new interests and learn something they haven't before. Instead of a general story line about for example bears, this was something distinctive which I really liked from the author.

The layout is straight forward and perfect in its presentation. I liked how the illustrations only had small chunks of writing narrating along with them that were easily accessible, and therefore kept my attention easily and the want to read on.

'But now the way I work makes so much more sense to me.'

Morals are so important in children's literature which easily succeed here: from never judging someone by their popularity and appearance to embracing your individuality, something that is essential to teach children from a young age. Be yourself! You are just as significant the way you are.

I thought the illustrations were unique and special as they stand out to me from other children's books. You can tell the author has a real passion for teaching about planes. The small paragraphs at the back of the book about the author and illustrator were lovely to read as this gives a picture of why the book came to be for a parent.

Overall I'm glad this is the first book in a series as I am sure there are plenty of young children who would love to read this with their parents as a way to learn new things - important life morals and interesting facts about planes and helicopters possibly opening them up to a whole new world of interests!

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I'm a college student who in her spare moments spends her time catching up on reading. I pick up anything that interests me in whatever genre since I know each book has the potential to become a new favourite. Happy reading!


Take to the skies for learning adventures with Ronnie the Helicopter and his flying friends. When Ronnie the Helicopter realizes that airplanes have parts that he doesn’t have, he begins to wonder if airplanes are better than helicopters. But Ronnie soon learns that he can do some pretty amazing things, too! Learn all about what makes airplanes and helicopters so special with Ronnie the Helicopter and his best friend Millie the Airplane.

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David Hoppmann is an author, helicopter pilot and flight instructor. He teaches, conducts aerial tours and flies wildlife surveys. He first became passionate about aviation during the 1980s while serving in the US Navy, where he flew as an aircrew ordnanceman in P-3C antisubmarine patrol aircraft. view profile

Published on January 09, 2020

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