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Requiem: Book 2: Exposed


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A thriller with a cast of characters whose present is clashing with their past. Exposed shows what people are prepared to do for survival

Straddling the lines between thriller and suspense, this one is an unforgettable saga. The violent storm of the dark mixed with the tenderness of romance.

The adrenaline, the feeling of anxiety when Verdrell is given his target. Dhorian is established with money and power. His new challenge is dodging the whims and sexual advances of Christina... She drugs Dhorian and his body betrays him. Paul is the deceitful villain. He earned his riches the dishonest way. Tatiana has a promising future if she can escape her past. But she owes money to her pimp Cairo. She struggles to escape and leaves a body behind.

The setup was promising. I wanted to live in this book. It probably has one of the most tragic love stories I've ever read. I won't spoil it for you: there's a scene in Exposed that absolutely crushed me. With this in mind, I am working backward and going to read Book One. I'm glad this world exists. I came, I read, I saw some of myself in the female characters. I don't wonder if any situation was unintentional.

A lot of drama in the Third Act I didn't see coming. I didn't try to be right in knowing what comes next. I was willingly suspended in anticipation.

I think the ladies were well written with developed painful backstories. LaShay's language like, "aged predator." "Dhorian suddenly had the biggest migraine imaginable park itself at the top of his forehead."

Secrets are exposed. Not immediately but in a tip-toe fashion. Then by the second half, it was set in stone. The sex scenes were on point. I applaud that the males enjoyed giving the women oral pleasure.

I found it interesting that Paul was hiding his blackness. It shows how opportunities are afforded to those with the complexion for protection.

The themes here show the harsh reality of family, law, race, and politics. Readers who enjoy being in the grips of suspense are going to finish Exposed in one sitting.

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I am a reader of a few genres but I have a particular fondness for the psychological thriller. I am comfortable reading about dark topics. I usually find my next read from random online discoveries. I usually rotate between reading a few books.


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Taveyah LaShay is an author residing in Brandon, Florida and is behind Requiem: Origins and Requiem: Exposed, the first two books in a dramatic thriller trilogy series. view profile

Published on February 14, 2022

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