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Daily habits at individual, community and environmental health that can be integrated into daily life.

Renewal captures the global zeitgeist. Sandeep Nath states, “the cover of this book has my name on it, but I am not the author. I am the scribe for Guru Pranachandra, who is a manifestation of energy”. The index gives the impression that it is another self-help book that will save ourselves and our planet. It is all this, and much more.

The format is engaging: a narrative introduces the characters and their roles in each other’s lives before moving into a talk by Guru Pranachandra, in which the systemic habits are delivered. There are ten each for Self-Renewal (individuals’ highest potential), Symbiotic Renewal (community health) and Systemic Renewal (environmental health). With “Aha!” moments in every chapter, they are delivered through a wealth of acronyms and tips which allow for easier integration. Key quotes in large-font boxes present the most pertinent information clearly. This resource, a practical guidebook for life, can be dipped into whenever people feel the need for spiritual realignment.

The information invites introspection. Snippets of the story, focusing on individual characters’ thoughts, provide a break from this level of cognition while strengthening the feeling of actually being present in Guruji’s audience. Evocative descriptions of Pranachandra’s movements and facial expressions add to the immediacy of the scenario, as do his often-playful responses to the questions from audience members. The narrative’s unfolding reveals a mystery, which would have benefitted from greater clarity; some of the twists and turns were confusing.

The text would also have benefitted from closer editing: it was sometimes difficult to tell when the Guru stopped talking and the narrator started. This does not diminish the content, although it does make it slightly harder to access.

This extraordinary text deserves space and time for its reading – and re-reading.

The take-home message is that “in everything, there is a trinity of body, mind and spirit” which draws the habits of Self-Renewal, Symbiotic Renewal and Systemic Renewal together. This mirrors the detailed explanation of the cover graphic and sets the scene for the type of information to come.

Renewal is for anyone experiencing helplessness. As the Guru states, “your inner power multiplies when you share it… for you are born with all you need for yourself”. Take this opportunity to be the best that you can be and contribute the most that you can contribute, to yourself and the world around you.

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