Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella (2008-10-28)

By Sophie Kinsella

Worth reading 😎

An enjoyable story about a woman called Lexi who due to amnesia can remember nothing of her life and tries to find out who she really is.

I don't read an awful lot of popular fiction but sometimes, it's good to read something that is what I call a bit of fluff as it contains nothing too taxing in terms of plot, has likeable, sometimes humorous characters, a modicum of romance but nothing too slushy and leads to a satisfying, well-rounded conclusion that fools you into believing that all is right in the world!

And this is just what you get in Remember Me? Lexi has amnesia and wakes up in a hospital bed to discover that she is missing three years of her life. She is not the person she thought she was in any way, shape or form and as she cannot remember any of the new details of her life, she is left floundering. Of course, this is all quite comically done and whilst there are moments of uncertainty and even some tears, Lexi is able to find her way and also, goes some way to finding the truth about her life now.

Lexi believes herself to be a dumpy, unambitious girl in a relationship with someone unoptimistically called Loser Dave, with a job at a carpet depot called Deller Carpets, where she works with her three best friends, Fi, Carolyn and Debs. However, she discovers that whilst part of this life is still hers - she still works at the same place with Fi,Carolyn and Debs but is their boss; her mum and her sister are still around - there are parts that are vastly different, from her appearance to having a husband, to living in a penthouse apartment instead of a one bedroom flat, wearing bland Armani and teetering on heels instead of dressing in coloured flounces and flat shoes.

Following Lexi as she navigates through this minefield with no information to help her other than what people want to give her creates a lot of humour and Kinsella creates a great cast of characters from past friends to new acquaintances as well as deceitful colleagues and possible lovers to make this an enjoyable romp that it is easy to read, light-hearted in tone and delivering a good story that is well-paced and believable enough to be entertaining.

It didn't set my world alight but it certainly didn't dim it any neither.

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