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Reigning the Future


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A very measured and compelling account of the current uncomfortable relationship between the two behemoths, United States and China.

At the time of this writing, when the whole world is coming to grips or at least trying to, with the raging pandemic that is COVID-19, the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has upped the ante by alleging that China lied on both the origin of the virus as well as its transmissible capability. As may be expected, China has aggressively issued a riposte. This simmering confrontation coming on the back of an already roiling trade and tariffs dispute, demonstrates not only the thin ice which the two behemoths may be treading on, but also the unintended consequences of any aberration on the world.

Dennis Wang, in his measured and compelling book, "Reigning The Future", brings to bear his experience of academia at Duke University and employment with mega corporations such as Huawei and China Central Television, to underscore the nuances and intricacies characterising this tense and somewhat terse relationship. Using a theory termed 'The Thucydides Trap", Mr. Wang offers his unbiased views on the Sino-US relationship. This term popularised by Graham Allison in a book by the same name, refers to a situation when one great power threatens to displace another, war is almost always the result -- but it doesn’t have to be.

Both China and the US are economic and military giants. One country is seeking to recapture what it terms is its 'rightful' place on the Planet, thereby seeking to obliterate the scars of a 'Century of Humiliation'. Standing in its path is a hegemony which since the culmination of World War II has progressed to become the most formidable country in the world. It is the quintessential American Dream v The Resurgence of China.

As Mr. Wang reveals, while both these nations are inextricably tied up in a maze of economic and political dealings, they still tend to view one another with an unhealthy mix of mutual suspicion and distrust. As Mr. Wang illustrates, "....the barring of Chinese companies by the United States is only a natural move. While companies such as DJI and Huawei can promise that they will never compromise the information of its users, there is no technical challenge in theoretically gathering and using the knowledge of its users for nefarious purposes...."

"Reigning The Future" is a handy primer for all those who wish to understand the trajectory of Sino-US relationship and its impact on the new Global Order.

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As a Chinese-Canadian having worked at Huawei Technologies and China Central Television (CCTV), Dennis Wang has a unique perspective on the dynamics between the US and China. While attending Duke University, he served as the Deputy Director of the Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit. view profile

Published on February 21, 2020

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