Reckless Love


Not for me 😔

For fans of erotic fiction and character-driven stories... this one may be for you.

Chris and Jill are seniors at Deerfield College and have been going out for years. Chris is preparing to go into the Navy and become a Seal and Jill wants to become a teacher. They seem to be a match made in sex-fueled heaven, but a woman from Chris' past is relentless in her attempt to seduce and win him back. Follow along with Chris and Jill as they navigate college, infidelity, old habits that die hard, and Chris' never satisfied sex-drive. Are they going to survive their tribulations or have they been doomed to fail from the start?

Reckless Love was quite the journey. While it was certainly full of drama and "romance", the prose was hard to follow. The dialogue did not read as realistic and often jumped from day-to-day without warning. Chris was a super unlikeable character but I found that I enjoyed reading the narration through his perspective, as he was so self-involved and narcissistic that it kept me entertained. I wish that the author had done a bit more to give the characters their own individual voices, particularly the women. I didn't feel a connection to any of the characters, which is important to me even in the most surface-level of romances.

The plot revolved around the characters and their relationships, strictly. The problems that the characters faced seemed to pop up out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they came. I felt that some of the smaller storylines were sometimes forgotten and never came to any solution. As a reader, that can be frustrating and definitely confusing.

All in all, I wish that this book had taken it a bit deeper. While the sexy parts were definitely sexy, I felt no real ties to the story or to the outcome of the characters. But if you are looking for a quick read that is full of sex and drama, and are a fan of messy and intertwined relationships, then Reckless Love may be just the book you are looking for.

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John Roberts lives in the same suburban town in southern New Jersey where he grew up a champion swimmer and cat lover. He has piloted airplanes, holds a doctoral degree in economics and done more expository writing than he cares to remember. RECKLESS LOVE is his debut novel. view profile

Published on December 08, 2020

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