Reboot: How We Can Reprogram Our Internal Stories for Success


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Most people don't think about the stories they tell themselves. They have been fed stories by their parents, by the media, and by their peers but don't see the connection between these stories and their place in life.

If your life isn't going where you want it, you are in a job or a relationship that doesn't bring you joy, and your life story is not working the way you desire, then this book is for you.

By bringing attention to the stories we tell ourselves, we can empower ourselves and lift ourselves out of negative thoughts and destructive behaviors that are keeping us down. This means taking personal responsibility for our decisions, our actions, the way we spend our time, and the way we look at life.

Life is abundant and full of opportunity to find success-whatever success means to you-but if we are not careful about the stories we tell ourselves, the most oppressive force in life comes from our own minds.

This book teaches you about the science and reasoning behind the stories you tell yourself, and give you tools to revise those stories so they can positively impact your life and help you reach your potential.

My Reboot

The contrast could not have been starker. I was sitting in a large living room with floor to ceiling windows on the thirtieth floor of a high-rise condo. There were ten other entrepreneurs in the room, all twenty to thirty years younger than me. We had all paid richly to attend a Master Mind event and sat there listening with rapt attention to Sam, a twenty-eight-year-old Kiwi who had immigrated to America only a year previously.

 Standing in front of a magnificent view of the famous Chrysler Building in downtown Manhattan, Sam, dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, unshaven with voluminous, unkempt hair, did not appear to fit in.

I had met Sam a few years before. We were both enrolled in a course to learn how to build a subscription software business. Sam was a quiet, unassuming college dropout. I had come to know him through multiple phone conferences. He and I had been two of only three students who had built a successful and profitable software service.

Now, four years later, Sam had come to America as the owner of a large international business. He was leading a firm focused on coaching people in how to be entrepreneurs. His income at that time had already climbed to eight figures a year.

I was old enough to be Sam’s grandfather. Yet, here I was trying to glean a nugget of wisdom from him. When I met Sam, he was in debt and living in his parent’s garage in New Zealand. Now he was the owner of the five million dollar condo in Manhattan we were all sitting in.

What he did to make that transformation was very simple, and on that day in NYC, it all clicked for me. Oddly it came while he was discussing quantum physics. Businessmen usually don’t equate quantum physics to making profits.

After returning home, I recorded a seven-minute video to memorialize my insights. I conceived how to transform a George Orwell quote from bleak to enlightened. I will explain this in Chapter 9, Rebooting Your Memory Card, and clarify why this is so critical to “getting it.”

Before the Master Mind event, I had felt trapped. After receiving a pink slip, I had been unfocused and aimless. Seven months later I had sold my home and was living a dream, traveling full time around the US and Canada in an RV.

That seven-minute video was the genesis of this book.

What did quantum physics have to do with my transformation?

And why was I even listening to a twenty-eight-year-old guru?

I am going to share that and much more. I am going to teach you to be free to choose whatever your heart desires.

About the author

Paul and his wife, Jinna, and their old dog are full-time adventurers. He has cycled up Pikes Peak, RV'd over most of Canada, Alaska, and the lower forty-eight. view profile

Published on October 20, 2020

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