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Rainbow Vision Journal YELLOW: How to take control of your personal well-being and happiness


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A Self Help Book That is More Than the Expected Cliches and Predictable Mantras

If you were to enter the term "self-help book" into the search bar of any major online bookseller, the list of titles to choose from is nearly endless. It is head-spinning to consider the possibilities and perspectives that can help us overcome what is holding us back.

Sharon Dawn's new book, Rainbow Vision Journal YELLOW: How to Take Control of Your Personal Well-Being and Happiness is the latest self-help book to hit the shelves. It would have been easy for the author to just preach to the reader about what they should or should not be doing. Instead, she asks questions and presents a variety of situations. It is then up to the individual to fill in the blanks and work through the emotional and psychological exercises. It feels like a therapy session that instead of being conducted in person or via telehealth, is a personal conversation the reader has with their inner selves. Allowing that person to work through their issues, it comes off as a natural and cathartic way to relieving ourselves of our burdens.

As someone who has been keeping a journal for twenty-ish years and has been in therapy on and off for nearly thirty years, I appreciate the insight that Ms. Dawn has. Therapy is great, but sometimes the therapist has an unwanted point of view that they inject into the session. A good therapist is an objective witness to our troubles. They listen to the patient and once in a while, provide examples from their own lives to help. But mostly, they are there is let the patient vent and provide guidance to help them achieve their goals.

I really enjoyed this book. Given the millions of people around the world who live with the various forms of mental illness, it is incumbent that we prove assistance in whatever way we can. By presenting Rainbow Vision Journal YELLOW: How to Take Control of Your Personal Well-Being and Happiness to the reading public, it becomes another tool in our collective arsenal to relieve those burdens.

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The third of eight inspirational journals, encouraging creativity and mindfulness with activities that guide you into taking control of your personal well-being and happiness.

When it comes to our well-being, we often put off what is important to us. We think we will worry about it tomorrow and yet subconsciously we worry about it often. You may feel guilty for not being as fit or healthy as you are told you should be. That guilt is just as bad as eating unhealthy foods or not exercising as guilt makes us feel bad and leads us to disease (dis-ease). Our thoughts on who we are, continue to create who we are. Meaning if you constantly tell yourself you are overweight, unhealthy, have aches and pains, or no good at sticking to a healthy lifestyle, then you are reinforcing these thoughts as who you are.

When we change our self-talk to positive thinking, we enhance our overall well-being and this is the task of the YELLOW Journal, to guide you to find what well-being means to you so you can take control and create a plan that empowers you to make changes that suit you and your lifestyle.

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Author of the Rainbow Vision Journals, a series of eight guided journals that use mindful and creative activities to empower women to follow their hearts and be true to themselves as they find ways to improve happiness and accept themselves as the beautiful, unique person they are meant to be. view profile

Published on June 15, 2021

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