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Queen of Clubs


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Queen of Clubs highlights the darkness under the disco ball and sticks to your soul like shoes on a nightclub carpet.

Have you ever read a book and instantly felt like you have a new friend? Tava O’Halloran’s memoir of partying and nightclub ownership may not appear like your cup of tea, but let me assure you that it goes down a treat. It's not always sweet, but the gripping account of one woman’s life in London reads more like a diary, allowing the nosey parker in all of us to indulge. Queen of Clubs is the literary equivalent of a nightclub hand stamp, admitting its readers into a world of drugs, debauchery and mayhem where anything could be going on under the table. 

O’Halloran – a dyslexic novelist – structures her story well, luring you in with hedonism and dazzling highs before smacking you with reality and crushing lows. I must admit, at times I was on the verge of exclaiming “oh-em-gee,” mouth agape, sucking in the scandal like a leech and forgetting a crucial point: this is someone’s life. 

It seems as though O’Halloran predicted this reaction and remedied it by adding notes to the reader, reinforcing that she is real. Ever the business woman she litters the book with moves and counter moves, serving up a tall glass of unbelievable and making you swallow it. The refreshing candour and unflinching insights to her own psyche highlight that underneath the words, full stops and commas is a human being. She tells of a life experience that was wild, relentless and sometimes desperately unhappy. 

Her ability to write this book despite her disability (from one dyslexic writer to another) is a credit, but there are a few minor spelling mistakes. That being said, would the book be as personal if someone had gone through and corrected? I think not. As the entire memoir serves to remind, O’Halloran is unapologetically herself and to edit out the mistakes would seem like going against everything the book represents. 

A truly fantastic read from start to finish. 

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Published on September 03, 2020

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