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Surreal humour dressed up as a collection of poems, this book tips a nod to Monty Python. Bonkers or brilliant? Only you can decide.

Pretty Ass Poems is less a collection of poems and more like a written script for a series of sketches in a bizarre off-the-wall comedy show. There are poems collected here, of a fashion but what you have in this book is more like snippets of the writer’s musings interspersed with absurd editorial interjections, all dressed up with a healthy dose of surrealist humour.

Not only do you have poems, you have memes based on the poems and other written material contained in the book, as well as photos which mirror what has been presented in the written word and mostly, it must be said of pretty ass women.

All of these incongruous techniques blend to create a book, which is at times difficult to get your head around. It is funny in parts, there is no doubt about that. I especially liked the opening editorial about zippers, which is daft in its suggestion of using far more complex things to fasten as an alternative to the frustration of zippers and if you like that sort of humour that is less pedestrian wit and more satirical, then this is the book for you.

It is certainly edgy in its style as Jon McLaine’s delivery is less flowery language and more about getting to the heart of the matter. I quite like this as it pulls no punches and sometimes being challenged by what you are reading is good, whether that’s from its chosen format or what the words actually contain.

On reading it, I was reminded of Monty Python in the way that it has been put together: the poetry is delivered in the form of a competition between two teams, incongruously called the Mambas and the Scorpions and a score sheet is kept throughout of how well each team is doing. This is also true of the editorial interruptions that hint of a world outside the text that have a bearing on the way the book continues.

It is weird but not disturbingly so and I know that I read it with a mildly quizzical look on my face punctuated by a half smile with the occasional intake of breath at something particularly humorous.

This book has left me in two minds: I can’t decide if it is brilliant or nonsense. Maybe it’s both but I think that this is something that you have to decide for yourself.

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Published on January 22, 2021

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