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Power Stabilized


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A markedly original science fiction epic with strong characters but long-winded filler.

Cathy Parker has built a genuinely imaginative trilogy. She combines marine biology, alien life, and a race to save the cosmos in Power Stabilized, the conclusion to her science fiction trilogy, Power Rising

Shannon was a normal woman until a peculiar event in book one envelopes her into a world of alien life forms and cosmic viruses. Shannon must choose between life or death for herself and the alien friends she has come to love in the final installment. It would be unwise to read this trilogy out of order, as the previous installments set up vital plot points. 

A love story simmers underneath this science fiction epic. The characters are well developed, and their arcs prove true to the circumstances they endure. The aliens, in particular, have depth matching that authors tend to only invest in their human characters. 

Parker has a wild imagination. She creates scenes with ease, keeping the descriptions incisive rather than flowy. Power Stabilized maintains the beautiful color, atmosphere, and intrigue set up in the first novel, Power of Three. 

However, the story becomes hindered by our protagonist's long-winded inner turmoil, from Shannon's rambling thoughts pondering her actions to the repetitive scenes of her recovering from injury bog the reader down. 

At over 600 pages, the focus on the characters' insecurities, fears, and doubts grow tedious. Shannon suffering through loquacious semi-consciousness becomes a theme that doesn't resonate. Such scenes could have been condensed or cut.

Power Stabilized is an excellent conclusion to a markedly original trilogy. Think Fluke by Christopher Moore meets The Abyss, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

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Cathy volunteered for eight years as a zoo keeper’s aide and there she became well-acquainted with one rather obstreperous, lovable female beluga whale, who is the model for Juneau, one of the heroes in her first book. Her cat and dogs also play prominent roles. The dragon and alien child--well..... view profile

Published on January 04, 2021

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