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Playing With Fire


Loved it! 😍

Simply a married man having an affair? Guess again! This book really captures the essence of life's pitfalls and highways, going way deeper.

While the story initially follows the typical "successful businessman on an illicit love affair" archetype, there is far more than meets the eye, moving down along the road.

The narrative is linear, fast-paced and easy for the eye and mind to follow, helping the reader get immersed in the story and perhaps even finish this book in one go.

There do exist certain perplexing attachments to "dating" or "relationship" paradigms, with the author dedicating several scenes and exchanges between characters to a reproduction of American social stereotypes when it comes to marriage, flirting and communication between the sexes.

Nevertheless, what initially starts of as yet another bland story about a married man cheating on his wife and then falling in love and reconciling the situation with a new marriage ends up as a story that masterfully subverts all these stereotypes and even moves towards a higher meaning regarding human life and human relationships.

The author is a highly skilled spokesperson when it comes to honesty and reality behind human communication, feelings and love. His characters all seem so brutally genuine, so incredibly vulnerable and complacent at the same time, that one could see his or her own acquaintances in some of them, without a doubt.

Moreover, tragedy and human despair, as well as loneliness, are depicted in superb fashion, again, with a very realistic manner that truly touches the reader, instead of overt dramatization or stretching out of scenes and dialogue.

All in all, this is a very potent read that targets the reader's emotion and personal human experience with life and other people. This book is definitely a shocker, but a beautifully rendered one, intimately linked with real life.

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My first serious writing was as a journalist in Los Angeles. This led to several screenplays and then my first novel, now published as "Playing With Fire" based on stories about successful men mistakenly casting off a long marriage to a faithful and loving wife for a much younger woman. view profile

Published on February 04, 2019

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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