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Planning for Survival; The Great Retirement Conundrum


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In Planning For Survival, Jay Levy guides readers through the financial life cycle (from birth to retirement) with candor.

Statistics regarding financial preparedness show that most persons are not financially savvy. This means that many persons are not prepared for the financial choices they must make over their financial life cycle. Jay Levy acts as guide and mentor to discuss the financial life cycle, options available for individuals, and potential pitfalls and challenges along the way.

I love this book because very rarely do you find one book that discusses financial issues from birth to retirement. It is a brilliant move on the part of the author to discuss these issues together. I believe that not discussing these financial issues together is the reason for the disconnect about finances for most persons. I also love the real-life examples that the author provides to show us what can happen when we do not take the necessary financial actions.

The writing is straightforward so readers of various reading levels can easily follow along. Jay Levy shows the reader how costs associated with certain decisions can ultimately affect their financial life cycle for years to come. The author does not separate the financial from the emotional when discussing financial literacy because they are intertwined. 

The author‚Äôs goal for this book is ‚Äúto educate, motivate, and inspire you to act and delay gratification today, so you can enjoy the tomorrow you have always dreamed of.‚ÄĚ Jay Levy fulfilled this goal and more; he has inspired me, and I believe he will inspire anyone who takes the time to read this book. Planning for Survival is aptly name because we will not survive in these times if we are not financially savvy.¬†

I highly recommend this book for parents, grandparents, young people, and anyone who teaches financial literacy. The author is qualified to speak on the subject because he has over 30 years in the financial industry. Planning for Survival should be in personal and institutional libraries as a reference guide for financial literacy. It is time for us to take financial literacy seriously and this is a great place to start.

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Jay H. Levy has been in the financial services and banking industry for over 30 years. As a Certified Financial Planner he continues to work with individuals, multi-generational families and businesses regarding investments, retirement, estate, tax and financial planning services. view profile

Published on July 07, 2020

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