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Peyne and Truth


Loved it! 😍

I had to know what happened and could not wait to turn each page. The intriguing interactions between Marie and Claymore were just a bonus.

This is a magnificently told story about a young, recently widowed woman who is far stronger than she realizes. She would have to be to learn the things she does, yet put her investigative skills to work instead of coming unglued.

Of course, she keeps coming up against Claymore, a detective, who knows she is holding out on him, even as he tries to solve her husband's murder. I enjoy the way the two stubborn individuals interact and look forward to future books to see what transpires between them over the course of time. The characterization, in general, is rich; I felt like I got to know some of the characters quite well.

The settings were adequate, lending just enough information to provide a feel for the atmosphere, enough to draw the reader's attention and keep it. This is very important to me as a reader/reviewer because I lose attention rapidly when a story gets bogged down with details which do nothing to enhance the story.

The pace was fantastic and kept me glued to the pages, yet sometimes - feeling I was Marie - I would have to look over my shoulder to be sure someone wasn't sneaking up on me. The suspense oozed from the pages and made my heart race a time or two. Other times, I felt I was looking on and giving Marie warnings which she didn't seem to hear. Oh, the anxiety!

There were a few questions which seemed to be left unanswered, though. They weren't cliffhangers, just mere curiosity on my part and may even be brought to light in the next book.

All in all, this is an excellent debut novel and I cannot wait to read more mysteries featuring Marie "Alex" Peyne. Keep them coming!

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Published on January 12, 2019

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