Peculiar Me: A Collection of Poems


This book will launch on Feb 18, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. πŸ”’

In his second poetry collection, Jason Paul De Graaf swims through the wondrous oddities of love, identity, and faith. Although this is a written work, each poem is meant to be read aloud. So speak, beloved, and enjoy the rightness you find in the rhythm.

Peculiar Me

Take on a Star

Tonight I am

Brimming so bright

I could take on a star!

Palm her like a plum and

Bore right in as corona drips lava from

My stained, grinning teeth,

I’d swallow hard to eat my sin,

Swipe my face and

Throw away the core!

Rapping Rain


This rapping rain,


From the sky,

Diving down in

Dappling droves,

Earth-snapping sodden groves,

And leaving nothing dry,

Oh, how countless,

Tapping storms,

Have poured their frothy stain,

So heavy on this heart of mine,

So heavy on this heart of mine,

So heavy on this heart of mine.


I remember

Stacked tires and scared boys

Quipped in deeds and dares,

Eye sockets wracked and pleading to

Their deities after the

Rip of rocket fire

In December.

About the author

Jason Paul De Graaf is the author of Love and Holy Fire, his first poetry collection. Prone to isolation and the most beautiful despair, he spends his days keeping a healthy distance from the sting of the world. He prefers sleeping in. He’s ineffectually educated and rarely shows up to parties. view profile

Published on January 05, 2021

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