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Peanut The Penguin


Loved it! 😍

An adorable tale about a special little penguin with a surprise talent, singing!

Peanut is a little penguin who lives with his family in a colony of penguins on a rocky beach. He does all the other normal penguin activities, such as swimming and playing penguin games. Peanut has one other special talent. He loves to sing. He doesn’t make the loud shrieks like all the other penguins. Peanut has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, Peanut likes to sing at night when all the other penguins are trying to sleep because it’s the only quiet time when his voice can be heard. During the day it’s too loud. Peanut is told to be quiet at night. He isn’t heard during the day and Peanut becomes sad that he cannot share his gift.

I love children’s books that teach social and emotional lessons and this story was no exception. It had valuable life lessons about sharing your talents but also that there is a time and place for everything. Everyone has a unique gift they can use to make the world a better place and everyone should be appreciated and respected for their individual abilities. I also loved the underlying theme about finding and using your voice and standing up for yourself and what you believe in.

Lepore has crafted a delightful tale about this little penguin’s journey to discover how to share his gift. Her illustrations are hand painted, looking a bit like oil pastels, and are vivid and vibrant. They also have a cartoonish feel to them that children will enjoy. It was very cute and visually appealing.

This was a quick and easy read that could be read as a bedtime story by a family or would also make the perfect addition to a classroom as a read aloud by a teacher. It is a book that is not for a beginning reader but would be a perfect independent reading book for a upper level first or second grade reader.

A delightful read.

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In this brightly hand-painted book, an adorable little penguin, Peanut, has a unique gift…he has a beautiful singing voice. But there is a problem. He wants to share this gift by singing to all the penguins in his community, but he only sings at night. The other penguins become annoyed when they are awakened. Peanut is saddened that he cannot sing and tries to find a way to solve this problem and make everyone, including himself, happy.

About the author

Aruna Maharaj Lepore was born in the Caribbean (Trinidad). She is a businesswoman, but hung up her corporate hat to be a dedicated mom. Aruna lives in MD and recently discovered her passion for creating picture books. She paints, writes, is a nursery school teacher and mom to two kids and two cats. view profile

Published on October 19, 2021

Published by Bold Story Press

2000 words

Genre: Picture Books

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