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Paris in May


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David Walton encounters sensuality one spring that makes Paris’ title as the city of love seem an understatement.

This coming-of-age tale takes you on a colourful journey through time and around the globe. A refreshing technique of the author is his ability to dissect the characters completely. I experienced David and all of his friends’ lives so vividly and felt every heartbreak along with every laugh shared. Friendship and humility were among my favourite themes within this novel, each and every character is flawed however from this we only see unlikely friendships blossoming. 

Seldom do we ever read stories of black men not plagued with gang violence or drug abuse and that makes this narrative much more exciting. David is a disciplined and principled man which earns him great respect however he is beneath it all just a young boy who still wishes his mother was there to teach him the meaning of love. The multilayered transparency of the characters made me feel a connection akin to the one I have with my own friends and acquaintances. This is the true essence of the coming-of-age genre, to feel as though you were there for the “you had to be there” type of experiences. This novel captures that extremely well. Parenthood and specifically single parenthood are at the heart of the narrative and this offers some insightful social commentary. Women's roles within the story are both empowering and respectful despite the narrative's focus on male main characters. The hybrid of genres truly adds a uniqueness which is a microcosm of life.

The novel does not sideline the harsher experiences such as racial discrimination or the process of falling out of love or the sexual insecurities women face. It is all there for you to encounter and to be in conversation with. If you are looking for raw and unblemished depiction of life, love and grief then look no further. I thoroughly recommend this read!

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Paris In May

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Published on June 17, 2020

Published by Fulton Books

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