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‪Leah breathed in deeply through her nose, then exhaled through her mouth to center herself. “As you all know, I have been toying with the idea of starting a new business. I conjured up this idea one day while masturbating. Don’t judge me, okay?! I have been listening to a good number of my female friends and acquaintances and have developed the perfect business model. There are so many single women in their sexual prime either fearing getting out there or they do not have the time or desire to date, and they just want to be pleased. We are not talking a self-help book, dating apps, or sex toys here, more along the lines of curated Madame services designed to ensure women get what they desire with fashion and flare.”

Leah practiced her spiel in front of the mirror once more. She swallowed hard, then dabbed the nervous sweat from her upper lip as she refreshed her lipstick before heading to the courtyard. Would her girlfriends engage in what they so desperately needed? Would the night go as planned? Is the market large enough for a truly successful business? What about the illegalities of sex for hire?

Sister Girlfriends


“I cannot wait to see you next week,” Leah declared.


“I am excited to see you too! But I’m more anxious about this big surprise you’ve referred to,” Angela matched her friend’s enthusiasm.


“I’m still not giving you any details or hints. It’s called a surprise for a reason; you’ll see soon enough.”


Each of my girlfriends had tried to press me for information, individually and collectively. It was my turn to plan this year’s festivities and it was going to be unlike any other we had experienced in the past. The planning was quite a feat. However, this was not just a standard girlfriends’ getaway for me, it was going to be the soft launch for my new and exciting business venture. Maybe not one that would make me super-rich, but it would make me and lots of other women very happy if everything went according to plan.


One week later, my three girlfriends and I landed at Los Angeles International Airport for our annual sister girlfriends’ weekend getaway. When we exited the jetway, there was a gentleman dressed like a typical chauffeur in all black, holding a sign that read, “Leah Davis & Friends.” He escorted us to the car, where another young man was loading our bags into a Cadillac SUV at the arrival terminal. Our first stop was Providence on Melrose Avenue for lunch. Friday was the only day they served lunch and the four-course, the market-tasting menu was a seafood lover’s delight.


Following lunch, we were driven through the Hills to a beautiful, 6-bedroom Hollywood mansion. The estate was amazing! A long, winding driveway led to the sprawling home. The house included a chef's kitchen, heated pool, hot tub, and sauna. And for a little extra excitement, I designed a playroom executed by a few very well-paid personal assistants. After we entered the estate, I made an announcement to my friends.


“Ladies please find your rooms, your names are posted on your respective bedroom doors. After you have dropped your luggage and changed into something a little more comfortable, meet me in the courtyard and I will divulge our plans for the weekend.”


I was waiting, when they all arrived in the courtyard about ten minutes later. They were greeted by a champagne glass next to each lady's name on the table along with a few other delectable delights. I popped the first of what would be many bottles of champagne that weekend.


“This is Niiiiice,” Claire exclaimed, imitating Tiffany Haddish.


“This is a far cry from the usual all-inclusive, beachfront resort we normally do. It is absolutely beautiful, Leah. You have outdone yourself! The rest of us are going to have to step up our game from now on when we plan these trips,” Angela added.


After everyone’s glass was full, I dived right in. “As you all know, I have been toying with the idea of a new business. I conjured up this idea one day while masturbating. Don’t judge me, okay?! I have been listening to a good number of female friends and acquaintances and have developed the perfect business model. Simply, ladies I'm going to be a Madame. There are so many single women in their sexual prime, either fearing getting out there or they do not have the time or desire to date. They just want to be pleased. Or maybe even for married women whose husbands are living it up with their trophy mistresses and they want to do the same. This weekend, you ladies will be my first clients. I want you to enjoy yourselves, but please keep notes on ways I can possibly improve these services. This weekend, the house will be filled with men to fulfill your every desire; of course, there will be girlfriend time also. Shortly, a team of fashionistas, hairstylists, and a makeup artist will be here to prepare you for tonight. While you are getting ready for the evening, there will be chefs and servers preparing for our dinner party. Do you have any questions ladies?” Not quite how I rehearsed, but good enough, I thought.


“Are you serious Leah?” Angela asked in disbelief.


“Very serious, the demand is there and I am determined to be the supplier.”


Stephanie fired off the next question, “Where and how did you find these men who are going to be here tonight?” 


“Trade secrets my friend, I cannot divulge that information. Just know, you are safe and they are drug and disease-free. Next.” 


“Well hell then, what are we waiting for?! Let’s get this party started!” Claire threw her arm in the air and backed up doing the “Nae Nae” dance.


“I knew you would be down with whatever Claire. Now raise your glasses and toast to another wonderful sister girlfriends’ weekend. I love you, ladies!” Just as we toasted and enjoyed our first sip of champagne, the crew that would make the evening possible started filing into the mansion with their magical transformation kits.


In each room, a different service provider was awaiting the girls’ returns. In my room, there was a duo complete with all the necessary tools waiting to give a manicure and pedicure. Claire arrived in her room to find a hairstylist, again with all the necessary equipment to accomplish any number of style options. In Angela's room, a wonderfully fabulous boi was waiting to dress and adorn her for the evening. Stephanie was greeted by a woman with a flawless face, waiting to beat her face for the evening. Each service provider had been given a strict one-hour time limit. There was a chilled half bottle of champagne in each of the ladies' rooms as well. The four women emerged from their respective rooms exactly four hours later, just in time for hor d’oeuvres and cocktails.


As they entered the courtyard, there was a distinguished gentleman in a tuxedo standing at a table covered with elaborate masquerade masks. I pointed at the table, “Ladies, I have chosen an assortment of masquerade masks for you to choose from. It has been proven in studies that wearing a mask, even if essentially symbolic, has a measurable psychological effect on people; it reduces their inhibitions. Please take your time and pick the mask that speaks to you most.”


The conspicuous gentlemen reached under the table and handed me my preselected mask; it was quite ornate, yet very elegant. My mask was off white with lace and pearls; the most striking component was the extended portion on the left side. It looked almost like a feather; however, it was solid with lace, pearls, and crystals climbing up its length, ending with a beautiful pearl on top. The mask was the perfect complement to the stunning purple cocktail dress I was wearing. My girlfriends chose their own masks, then were led into the courtyard where nine men with picturesque bodies were standing with their hands resting behind them. Each of them wore fitted, silky black pants with a black bow tie and arm cuffs, just like the Chippendales. They all looked edible.


“Ladies, the men on display before you were personally selected by me as your erotic entertainment for this evening.” On cue, each of the men flashed their sexiest look. “Please take your time evaluating and making your selection. Enjoy.”


“What if two of us want the same man,” Angela asked?


“Highly unlikely. Each of these men was chosen with your tastes and desires in mind. In the event one of you swerves from your normal type, we can talk it out.”



About the author

Savanna Malveaux, born in Atlanta is a true southern Georgia peach. When she is not writing or working her 9-to-5, she travels the globe enriched through her interactions with diverse cultures and people. view profile

Published on December 14, 2019

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70000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Women's Fiction

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