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Our Immigrants' Son


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A story of finding out who you are and discovering ways to let your family inspire you.

I read somewhere recently. “It’s been said many times before, but no two families are alike. Your relatives may be loud and crazy, small and introspective, totally conventional, or completely unorthodox, but your family is yours. And, no matter what, your family makes up a huge part of who you are.”

As family plays such an influential role in our lives – our identities, it’s no wonder that people research and study the history of their families. And those who are observant, analytical, and those who are storytellers – well, they can give the rest of insightful looks into just how important a family is.

Maya Angelou said once, “I sustain myself with the love of family.”

Haniel Long took that one step further. “So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family, that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty.”

John Francis Patrick Murphy is a storyteller – but in a different kind of way than that title normally details.

He is one of those folks who can envelope his readers with his teachable style of writing that is almost conversational. Murphy’s tale here in ‘Our Immigrants’ Son’ is personal, yet relatable to anyone interested in their own family tree.

Through his own research, Murphy discovered much about his history, and brings it to a level in which people can find a commonality with him. Little did he know just how much knowledge he gained would help in living his own life.

The story of his Irish ancestry is not only an attractive story full of color, family tradition and a bit of whimsy. Being full of Irish folklore and photos, ‘Our Immigrants’ Son’ is a rewarding tale that any book club focused on history and family would enjoy reading.

Elizabeth Berg wrote, “You are born into your family and your family is born into you. No returns. No exchanges.”

A twist in the story is how Murphy expertly, and with creativity, peppers in faith and Christianity with the genealogy and facts of the time in history from which his ancestors came.

Through his writings, and sharing of his personal experience in research, Murphy sets a prime example for his readers and those interested in family and heritage.

It will be a good book also for collegiate history classes discussing the time period. In fact, I believe it would give students an interesting perspective.

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About the author

John Francis Patrick Murphy is a retired US Navy Captain and currently serves as a prosecutor in the US Attorney’s Office, US Department of Justice in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with his wife, Carolyn. Our Immigrants’ Son is his first book. view profile

Published on August 14, 2020

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Genre: Historical Fiction

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