Other Poems of Longing


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In his latest collection, “Other Poems of Longing”, poet Juan-Paolo Perre explores the many shades of longing. Whether tinged with despair, hope, exaltation or great introspection it is one of the primordial of emotions that we sentient and self aware beings possess. In these exquisite lyric poems, Perre explores with his transcendent and deft touch longing in all of its universality.

Since his acclaimed debut collection, “A Confederacy of Joy” and the recently released, “Carmina: The Nomad Odes”, Perre has consistently created poems of great power and beauty, noted for their arresting music and lyricism. This offering of powerful and intimate poems is no exception; a profound and emotional tour de force.

Other Poems of Longing

Table of Contents.

Other Poems of Longing


That Thing...When You Don’t Write For A While

Empathy For My Blue-Beaned Muse

At The Very Least, Today

Birthday in Milwaukee

A Poem

Due Destini

Dusk Over The Capitoline Hill

La Canicule


Perfect, All But Us

A Good, Long, Hard Look Within

Out of Doors

An Elegy of Silence and Slumber

American Idyll


I Could Just Cry

The Last Poems of Larry Levis

Un Thé Au Sahara / The Sheltering Sky


I Made Myself The Dog

Until Seventy Times Seven


False Alarm

I Veer Right, Then Right Again, Straight to Your Door

So This I Am For You

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Saudade Sehnsucht Weltschmerz 

That Thing When You Don't Write for A While

You start to think of writing with more sanctity.

Like the rarity of that petulant flower,

the night-blooming cereus, meant to die

Under a bright full moon and never more to see a day.

But it wouldn't have it...thought it had so much

More to give. It peels its red flesh back one instance more

And blooms riotously full-faced to the sun to endure

the inevitable cheek slap of blistering light.

Then with a petticoat of exhausted pistils and dried out stamen

It gives up the ghost and falls to earth in defeat as was always

Meant to be. Some would say it’s such a shame all

that bravery...or tomfoolery wasted and witnessed - by no one. 

About the author

Born in Italy, Juan-Paolo Perre emigrated to London, England and later to the US. His debut collection, "A Confederacy of Joy" was awarded the Legacy Poetry Prize. His recently released book, "Carmina: The Nomad Odes" has been critically acclaimed. He is the poetry editor for “Il Palio Review”. view profile

Published on January 01, 2021

Published by Siena Press

5000 words

Genre: Poetry

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