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One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create


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This is a self-help book of guidance towards inner peace, self-motivation, and the belief in a higher power to encourage you.

"I Am, I Create" by Erin Werley is a self-help book of guidance towards inner peace, self-motivation, and the belief in a higher power to encourage you.

Written in first person, this book reads smoothly. At times conversational, others poetic or scripted, it is a well-thought out examination of goals and the doubts that keep us from attaining them. It offers meditative opportunities to discover solutions to the questions of "what if" that plague us all at different crossroads in our lives.

Ten sections for ten days of self-study are the basis of this book. It begins with Day 1: The Voice. This is an introduction to the practice of inner prayer. This book hints at a Christian god, but it could be applied to any higher power.

Day 2: No Limits explores deeper the inner voice, and the questions we ask about the world around us.

Day 3: The Joy of Being a Creator expresses the idea that love is everywhere and it is the chain that binds us all. With this connection, we can share new ideas.

Day 4: All the Answers are Within is a chapter that encourages self-inflection to seek what is truly important to us as individuals. Our inner voice helps connect us to god, the I Am within each of us.

Day 5: Why You Think You're Not God differentiates between the ideas of good and evil in the world and the self-blame we place in our intuition.

Day 6: Create With Purpose encourages the reader to think, then act. The thinking is as important as the action, but it is the doing that dissolves self-doubt.

Day 7: Victimization, Power, and Suffering studies how the lack of self-awareness breaks our connections with other people, creating fear and violence.

Day 8: Doubts discusses the philosophy that there is no one way to improve or create something within ourselves to share with the world. We all can use our inner personas uniquely to achieve our goals.

Day 9: Communicating With Your Inner Voice describes ways we can be more attuned to ourselves.

Day 10: Trust Yourself invites the reader to continue the personal journey of enlightenment and connection in their personal way that suits them best.

This is a wonderful book to start out or continue New Year's resolutions, or to put aside quiet moments of reflection any time.

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Erin Werley is a Registered Nurse with a B.A. in history. She has been talking with her inner voice since 2011. Erin has been featured in Parade, Thrive Global and I Am Co. Her mission is to help you unlock your amazing inner power to be happy, successful and live the life you were born to live. view profile

Published on January 01, 2020

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