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Oh Wretched Moon


Not for me 😔

The premise makes promises the story doesn't deliver. It's just wasted potential

I’m not familiar with the original story, so I don’t know if it would enrich Oh Wretched Moon or not, but a retelling should stand on its own. As is, it’s just things that happen to certain people. That doesn’t make a story.

The main problem is that the protagonists are both extremely uninteresting. Luna is a useless lump who can’t tell a lamp is not actually a living thing, while Aethon is the personification of toxic masculinity. Why would I care about either of them, when I could be reading about a witch with extraordinary powers or a tavern owner who rescues kittens and talks to all kinds of people? Literally, any other character is more interesting than these two.

If the characters are not great, then the plot should grab the reader instead. It doesn’t. In fact, nothing really happens. For over half the book, we see Luna and Aethon grow up without incident, while Aurora grieves. It’s only in the second half that the kids get curious about the side of the world they’re forbidden to see, and then they take forever to do anything about it. Without getting into spoilers, the plot should not fall apart unless the characters are overdramatic fools.

The world seems like an interesting one, but it’s so unexplored I can’t form an opinion. It makes me wonder what it would be like if this book looked away from Luna and Aethon and showed us what is out there. Instead, I’m left with questions and no answers.

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Published on November 13, 2020

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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