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Odd Man Out


Worth reading 😎

Some Western. Some Southern. Some mystery. Some drama. All of this in a relaxing read.

This is not the first book of the series, but you can read it without having read the previous books. The author weaves in background from prior books as needed to understand the relationship between characters or situations.

I have to admit that I had never read a western mystery. So this was enticing to me. This particular story is set in New Orleans though the series is mostly in Laramie - all after the Civil War. I don't know if all the historical facts and settings are right, but the story did get me doing some research on things which to me is a good sign in a book.

There is not a lot of description within the story except where necessary. I tend to like that as my imagination fills in a scene. Others do not. There is dialog, some action, and quite a bit of reflection from the main character.

The mysteries within this story and others in the series are set up to be solved in the mind of the main character. Many things are kept from the reader and revealed as the main character allows them to be shown to everyone. Other mysteries might give clues throughout for the reader. This can happen at times in this series, but mostly the solving goes on in the head of the main character.

The mystery in this story might be sensitive to some. As stated earlier, it is set after the Civil War but not far enough away to erase the pain of it. Many of the characters are former slaves. This is a story of murder and racism. The KKK, fortune tellers, and others flow through this story. Can the main character, a lawyer from Laramie, get a former slave off from the charge of killing a white man?

I love how the characters are true to what I would expect. The main character, though from the South, does not discriminate over anything, including the color of one's skin. He looks deep into the heart and soul of the characters.

I want to note that I didn't comment on any proofreading issues. I read an advanced copy, so I'm not sure what is in the final published part.

Give this book a try. If you like it, read the others books in the series.

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Odd in Trouble

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Roger L. Thomas was born in Illinois, but has been a Colorado resident for the past 26 years. Roger's family, including kids and grandkids, all currently live in or around Colorado Springs. When he is not writing, he enjoys his family and the great outdoors Colorado has to offer. view profile

Published on November 20, 2020

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Mysteries

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