Norman Space Bat


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If you are looking for an adventure story that will stir the love of reading in your child, then this book is for you!

If you are looking for a story that will stir the love of reading in your child, then Norman Space Bat is for you! This whimsical and humorous adventure story will have the reader sitting on the edge of their seat.


Norman, an average bat, is locked in a cage. The other bats say that they are a part of a mysterious experiment that has stamped a "T" onto their chest. Norman must use his wits to save the other bats, then he must save the universe from the diabolical VIPD.


I believe the author, Jake Evanoff, has weaved together a tale that readers will enjoy. This book is divided into fifteen short chapters, and each chapter is filled with adventure. Also, the author uses mysterious creatures to tell the story, which makes it inclusive and fun. Together, I believe, these things will make it a captivating read for many children.


The illustrations are remarkably interesting and complement the story well. While most people do not like bats, the illustrations of Norman are adorable. The colour scheme is inviting and will encourage young readers, as they follow Norman on his adventures.


While this picture book is 50 pages long, which is longer than most picture books, I believe it is worth the time investment; though, it may appeal to more advanced readers because of its length.


In sum, I would recommend Norman Space Bat to any young reader, it is interesting and funny. Additionally, it is supported by narration that is easy to follow, and illustrations that are beautiful and inviting.

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Norman is an ordinary bat and he couldn't be happier with his extremely average life. That would all change on one fateful day when he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime! From giant black holes to ancient prophecies... With the help of some new friends, will Normal be able to make his way back home and perhaps discover his true purpose in this wild world?

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My name is Jake Evanoff and I was born in Hamilton, Ontario. I went to Humber College to study writing for television and that was where I was inspired to start creating content for children. In 2020 I launched Star Ship Press; A publishing company bringing you stories that are out of this world! view profile

Published on May 04, 2021

Published by Star Ship Press

2000 words

Genre: Children's

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