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A motivational book that approaches everyday childhood problems from a spiritual angle

Noonimals: Believe will certainly inspire readers to view their lives differently, but I feel it does not work as a children's picture book. There's a mismatch between the content matter and the target audience. I feel that the messages are suited to pre-teens (10-11 years) and teens (12-15 years), however the illustrations and the characters are too simplistic to appeal to them.

I found that Noonimals is a series of picture books for children mostly below the age of 12 years, so changing the characters may not be an option. Simplifying the language used to deliver the messages will help children understand them better. At present, it reads a bit like an adult motivational book.

A group of five friends, hailing from diverse backgrounds, have a sleepover and discuss their problems with respect to school, money, friends, bullying, and so on. The inhabitants of the Land of Noonimals approach the children in their collective imaginations and help them address their problems positively.

They teach them about the Law of Attraction and describe concepts such as source energy, a higher power, and deliberate creators. Then they explain the 7 steps to creating one's own reality. Various real-life problems faced by children, such as bullying, jealousy, competition, etc. are discussed and different characters explain how such issues can be dealt with. The power of positive reinforcement and meditation is also described.

The core message is that one should believe in oneself and approach problems with a positive mindset. The focus is on changing how one thinks instead of reacting to other people's words and actions.

In conclusion, I'm not entirely convinced that this book will be able to influence younger children the way the author intends to, despite seeking to give them a useful tool to handle everyday problems.

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In this motivating and inspirational children’s book, take a journey to the Land of the Noonimals! Five friends that are battling their own insecurities have a sleepover that they will never forget! On this journey within the imagination, the children are introduced to the Law of Attraction. They meet an amazing new breed of characters that offer them reinforcement and seven incredible steps in creating their own reality. Believing and knowing that they can do, be, and have anything they want is of paramount importance in achieving their true desires in life. 

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Through her imaginative Noonimals characters, Author and Illustrator Dalandra Young promotes to children that they can do, be and have anything they want in life if they believe. view profile

Published on November 11, 2020

Published by Hasmark Publishing

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Genre: Inspirational

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