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No Falling


Worth reading 😎

A 14-year-old discovers his life is not what it seems - he has to rescue his father with his friends and family in a magical adventure.

No Falling transported me to my school years when I spent all my time reading the Percy Jackson novels over and over again. We are introduced to Wyatt, a 14-year-old whose life is a lie. He seems like a typical kid from Florida who has normal kid troubles like evading bullies in school and outside till one day. He falls into a sinkhole and his life changes forever. His mom is not who she says she is; his dad isn’t who he is supposed to be. His life transforms from surviving his school years to fighting magical creatures and saving his father from the enemies.

This was an interesting read which had everything supernatural and otherworldly a person could think of. We get alternate universes, witches, magic, gods, werewolves, dragons and so much more. Everything has its place and a universe with its own rules to be followed. We see Wyatt getting to know and trying to live alongside this enchanting new world he has stumbled into.

“And you’re a cosmic cop, OK! Will I meet God?”
“Eventually, probably, maybe, you’ll have to wait and see. He's swamped, you know!” she said and winked at me.

I loved reading the adventure Wyatt was in to find and save his real father. It was magical and extravagant. I loved how he wasn’t made to go into this rescue mission alone. He found a group of people who would go to the extent of endangering their own lives to rescue Wyatt’s father. His best friend was not left out of the loop either. It was very wholesome.

This was not an easy read for me though. It was very slow and felt like it was packed with irrelevant data in many parts of the story that it got a bit tedious at times. I had to push through to read it all and it was rewarding to read till the end. Some instances felt odd; like how everyone readily leaped into the multiverse-theory when Wyatt told them the truth. These were kids going about their normal lives when suddenly Wyatt comes up with the ‘alternate universes and magical creatures’ stories and everyone got on board pretty easily. It was weird how nobody questioned it even once.

There were many times where the dialogues felt dragged out with topics that weren’t relevant to everything that’s going on around them. That said, I liked the characters and their bravery. I liked reading about the friendship between them. It was endearing. It was a worthwhile read.


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Published on July 16, 2020

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