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Never Too Far Away


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A teaching book that hits so many important points all in one beautiful story.

This adorable children's book will have you hooked from the beginning when you find out Sue is living with two dads! Right here it caught me as a great learning tool, as society is shifting from typical mother/father homes to mother/mother, father/father, grandparents, etc. I also liked how Sue doesn't necessarily look like either father so there isn't that feeling of "oh, that's her biological dad, that's not", as it doesn't really matter.

The story hits on so many different points. Being afraid to go somewhere new. Meeting new people and trying new things is really hard for little ones. Sometimes as adults we forget how things that seem little to us are still really big for the little kids. I loved how realistic the MC was with feeling sad but then also wanting to go play with the play-dough. I think the author has pinpointed a real child that child-readers could relate to.

As I read I wasn't sure where the story would go but it kept going to great points each time. For example, the conversation the kids have at lunch. Not only is it true that children like to know they are like their peers but the conversation also hits on the dynamics of family.

I was instantly hooked by the teacher showing her emotions. As an educator myself, I have broken down in front of students and instead of being embarrassed I took it as a learning opportunity. Kids should see that grown-ups get sad too about topics that they can relate to. Of course there are the topics of death and other sad things but for kids to see that a teacher is sad because she misses her baby but has to work through it for other reasons, is a really good lesson.

Overall, the whole story is full of mini-lessons that could initiate so many different conversations with children. It doesn't make any one problem necessarily worse than the one before, but it makes all the feelings have some sort of common ground.

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I am a writer, artist, and certified special education teacher with certification in school administration. I currently blog on a daily basis. As of today my total number of followers is almost 2K having started my blog around September 2019.


Sue wants to stay home but her dads take her to this really tall building, drop her off and say "we will pick you up at the end of the day".

That just doesn't seem fair does it? Why couldn't she home ? Why did she need to go there ? Who else was there ?

Join Sue as she tries to find the answers to these questions and makes a few friends a long the way.

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Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, Jessica moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2012 to attend and later graduate from Ryerson University. She studied Child and Youth Work but always had a passion/dream for becoming a children's author. view profile

Published on January 19, 2021

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