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Network marketing opens up new earning potential; do the research, study consumer trends and work hard, and you'll be well on your way.

Thinking of starting a network marketing business? The first step towards realising a solopreneur dream is to understand that consumer behaviour has changed.

Consumers connect with each other. If you understand how, and are able to identify new trends, then you will find the business model that suits you. The best way to learn about network marketing is from someone with 25 years of experience. And this is where you’ll be able to mine lots of useful information from this book.

The world as we know it has changed‚ÄĒnot least by the Covid-19 pandemic. People don‚Äôt shop the way they did in the past. A greater reliance on technology illustrates the shift in the way consumers behave. Online shopping is the new normal. Shoppers have greater control than ever before. Consumers use social media to find and review products before they spend their money. They focus on their health and make lifestyle choices intent on prevention of chronic diseases. They consider the environment in the creation and sale of products.

These factors shape how we shop. Consumers buy a lot of products on a monthly basis. This opens up plenty of opportunities for network marketers. Subscription models have exploded onto the marketing landscape. These factors open up new possibilities.

This book is a boon for those who dream of earning enough money to support their families. It comes in handy for those who yearn for more time and the opportunity to do the things they love. It lays out the most recent consumer trends. There is no sugar-coating of the required discipline and hard work required. You’ll find two handy workbooks at the end to test a company and how to find the right fit before you dive in.

The book goes into a lot of detail to emphasize these points. Yet what it lacks, are anecdotes from the author’s wealth of experience. Illustrations of her success, mistakes to avoid, or tips on how to overcome possible challenges would have been helpful.

Bottom line: network marketing puts a long-term and sustainable income within everyone’s reach. It does need research before you start. You must also have perseverance and savvy skill to build your business. So, if you’re looking for ethical and proven marketing techniques, then this book will be worth your time.

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Published on September 24, 2020

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