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Navigating the Noosphere


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This book is about things that matter. It is about that which you see as material - yet, it is not about matter at all.

It is about energy. It is about that which energises you and drives you to live your life among other matter that matters to you. However, somehow, it is not about energy.

It is about consciousness. It is about those vibrations and frequencies that condense into any other form, shape or condition of energy which we colloquially would term anything but consciousness.

This book is a journey of sorts, and for those of you who instinctively grasp the nature of these writings, please be encouraged to continue on your journey.

For those of you who are a beginning reader perhaps, please be encouraged to start where you are, use what you have, and understand that your life is spiritual in nature, even though it may feel everything but Spiritual.

This book enables the reader to discern their very own journey of healing. It is a catalyst for readers to readjust their lives towards more authenticity. It shows how modulating their consciousness allows them to move through and tap into this unseen world the right way.



We are starting our journey with a short meditation.


Imagine a vast ocean. All you can see is water, 360 degrees of water all around. You have a beautiful and protective sky above, perhaps a few clouds here and there, but in general, it is a beautiful day in a watery paradise. Focus on yourself taking deep and fulfilling breaths, nothing else. If your mind wanders off, come back to the breathing. Listen to your breathing as you soak in this picture of water all around you. Perhaps you can even smell the sea. Do this for as long as you like to!


Immerse yourself into this picture for a few minutes; try to think of nothing else except this picture, and your breathing. With the surround panorama of this picture, follow your breath from the tip of your nose, through your nose, your throat, into your lungs, and then all the way back. When exhaling, feel how the air from your nose blows over your upper lip or any other changes of temperature you may experience. Do this for a few minutes.


Keep on breathing, stay in the here and now, and imagine you are an island rising from the substrate below, being born into these endless water masses. You are here. You are you. Consider the waters around you to be all energies of other people, your ancestors, friends and relatives, and strangers close and far. Slowly, you will see other islands in these waters, some closer by, others way in the distance. All these islands contribute the water movements, some willingly so, others just by merely being there. This indiscernible soup of energies from previous generations and current people on earth can be overwhelming. Not only that, but soon you will realise that the air you are breathing is actually the bottom of a sea of oxygen and nitrogen that is piled on top of the waters you were born into. Surely, we are bottom-dwellers - there are just so many layers to this...

So here you are, slowly making your ascent, steadily growing from a tiny tip getting washed over repeatedly, to a majestic island with impressive coastlines, elaborate jungles, waterfalls, cliffs, desert, meadows, pastures, or beaches, rocky outcrops - the possibilities are endless. However, you also realise that these waves keep bashing on your shorelines. Over here, they create beautiful beaches, somewhere else, they may create steep and slippery reefs and whatever you, island, feature.

However, you cannot get rid of those pesky waters around you; they keep forming and transforming your coastline. Surely, they erode your substance, and they might even deposit other people’s debris (think emotions, beliefs, views, and opinions here) on your coastlines. Positive thinking will not spare you from the onslaught of these incessant and unruly waves. On the contrary, they might be responsible for unwarranted bad weather on your island, despite the lush vegetation, the abysses of hopelessness, the dark pits of loneliness, the unicorns in the meadows, or the quantum jumps of elves in the bewitched forest.


This is your noosphere, your world, your individual environment where only you could thrive, or could suffer. This is the sphere of your consciousness, where you collect and harvest information pretty much like a farmer domesticating and farming his land. Ideally, this will increase the flow of information and energy; it will mimic the universal ebb and rise of “frequency”, “vibration”, “energy”, unlocking the flow of resources into and about your life as an island.

The constellation of all resources, whether available or potential, the way you feel about everything (and yourself), and the outside factors you find yourself confronted with – all of that has to do with yourself. You are at the centre of your spider web, even if at times you feel upbeat or even as a victim in your own life. It is a unique constellation that resembles no other constellation, no matter how similar they may seem. In addition, this setup will feel so overwhelmingly true to you that you have little room as to doubt the validity of everything or anything. And yet, you should examine all. Understand, that an imagined lion feels as real to your stress centre, as would a real lion. That which you are so afraid of or worried about loses its power once you entertain the possibility that it is really just an imagined lion. Once you start looking at everything in your life with a more refined understanding about its true spiritual nature, you start to bother less about that which you cannot change, and you start appreciating that which you experience: this world is an experiential world. Experience, not blindly, not wildly, but by awareness - taking ownership and integrating your faculties. Experience the world not like an actor on a stage, but by seeing the so-called objective reality out there as an expression of Spirit, tailored to the way you see yourself.


Eventually, the biggest illusion we need to overcome is our notion of being an island in an ocean, of being separate from the energetic ocean of consciousness around us, of rising above the waters. And yet we do, we experience a universe of Creation that is one of the most beautiful. Our blessings are abundantly dispersed across our noosphere, we often just need to quiet down and look. Engage with the world, explore your island, appreciate Creation, worship the ground you walk on, think of yourself as co-Creator, create your island, shape it and bless it, investigate all your fears, overcome those you can, clear rubble off your track, weeds off your acre, destructive energies off your coastlines, travel safely while observing with compassion and less with attachment.

Create wisely, and witness Creation. Feel. Think. Live.

About the author

The author features a lifelong passion in integrative healthcare and metaphysics, with many additional qualifications in energy medicine modalities to hold space, to move energy, and to facilitate healing. However, he would prefer the reader to look not at the author but at the message instead. view profile

Published on November 30, 2020

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