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My First Geography Book: The World Tour of Stuffed Toys around their Apartment


Loved it! 😍

Read your child into an enduring love for Geography through a spirit of wonder and the mild use of humour

Have you ever wondered how to introduce the love of Geography to your child? Well, this book is for you! This book will gently lead your child through the different aspects of Geography to promote an enduring love for it.


In this book, the stuffed toys explore their surroundings and find that the apartment is a kingdom that has mountains, rivers, and cities. Everything in it has its purpose, but the most important place in it is near the parent's bedroom, where you can stand at a certain place and cry and the parents will always take notice of you. Then the explorers must go outside to apply the tools they have learnt to the wider environment. They will have to learn how to construct a map and find out about cardinal directions.


I was particularly impressed with the author's grand imagination as he turned seemingly mundane things into mountains, farms, canyons, and rivers. The stuffed toys were animated and delightful in their conversation which makes the reading easy to get through. I believe this book will encourage children to think about how they can transform the world around them by developing their spirit of wonder.


The drawings were beautifully done and will appeal to most grade school children. They have a certain juvenile quality, which usually appeals to small children, and aids in the reading process because its so relatable. Also, the colours that were used are not bold and defiant, but restful and easy, making it a perfect fit for a bedtime read.


While the story does appear to be longer than usual for most early readers, the author does a good job of holding the reader's attention through the use of humour and wonder. I would encourage anyone interested in passing on their love for Geography to their child, to get this book because it is both educational and entertaining.



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A boy and his stuffed animals start a journey around their apartment. They find out that the apartment is a kingdom that has mountains, rivers, and cities, that everything in it has its purpose, and that the most important place in it is near the parent bedroom. They will also learn what a real geographer needs to leave the house, and finally, after looking into the laws of geography, our characters will venture to explore the world around them. Do you have any maps, atlases, or geography books? Have you already travelled, and how did you prepare for those trips? Did you take your stuffed friends with you? Let's study geography together! Use #myfirstgeographybook to share your stuffed toys geographic explorations with other book readers.

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Igor Okunev has master’s degree in history from the University of Manchester and doctoral degree in political science from MGIMO University. He is a Professorial Research Fellow at MGIMO University and Director of its Center for Spatial Analysis in International Relations. view profile

Published on October 22, 2020

Published by Gatekeeper Press

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