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Muslim, Christian, Jew - "I Do" (A Memoir)


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From back cover:

For centuries the planet has witnessed episodic mistrust between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. But the planet is shrinking and many people, in their selection of a mate, will consider someone from another religion. This memoir sheds light on the level of awareness and communication needed to make such marriages viable, and scrutinizes the all too common scenario of young girls marrying for an identity. It provides, through lived experience, a fish-bowl view of one woman's journey through three interfaith marriages, told conversationally—right down to the sharing of recipes. Blended family dynamics and childhood cancer throw in further grist for the mill. A final, stormy divorce provides the catalyst for a much-needed character arc, discernment about women's identities, and the embrace of marriage as an endeavor more human than religious. And finally, it offers brief informational segments on marriage in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, along with some beautiful legends—all of which illustrate the commonality of marriage rather than the differences of dogma.


It started in the kitchen. To be precise, it started on the brocade loveseat I had placed in the heart of our home. David thought I was bonkers, putting sitting room furniture in the kitchen, but it wasn’t long till its cozy magnetism lured him onto its cushions. You could stretch out in comfort right there in command central, close to sustenance. It was arguably the most popular spot in the house. Now I was curled up on it, sipping my tea while David chopped vegetables for his weekly batch of soup. The cadence of his knife stilled my mind much like a metronome, and into that space slipped an idea. “Hey,” I exclaimed. He turned to face me and I chuckled and said “I should write a book called I was Married to a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew.” My husband considered this for a moment and a half-smile registered on his face. I knew that look well. It was a look that supposed I had as much wherewithal to grow a prostate as to meet this unlikely goal. But he humored me and said “Why not?”

I haven’t grown a prostate but I have penned this account of my three marriages to men representing the world’s three major religions—Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It’s all true.

To protect the privacy of the people who shared their lives with me, names, occupations and places have been changed. While this creates a degree of inaccuracy, turning truth into fiction, the heart of the story remains uncompromisingly factual.

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Liver of life, lover of words. This is my first and only book. view profile

Published on March 05, 2020

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Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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