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A threat to start a cross country war leads to sending an ex-militant for an espionage mission in a rival country uncovering hidden secrets.

Mortal Past is an impressive political thriller with an intricate plot. This is a race to prevent a cross-country war. The story begins with the assassination of 13 Talienkian soldiers on Barun. Then, the Talienkian President receives a letter demanding his resignation and contains the names and designation of every undercover agent they have employed in other countries. The Talienkian Government suspects the Barunian Government at the beginning but they flat out refuse any involvement. Now, they decide to figure out the real mastermind behind this operation. They try to bring in Alec Goulding who was instrumental in taking down the government in the Talienkian Civil War.

Alec Goulding is a retired army militant with an exceptional set of skills that have given him a name in the country. Having retired, Alec does not want to rejoin the force or work for the government. He is living a normal life with his father in a local coffee shop they run. He is reluctant to accept this mission since he is traumatized by the last mission, he was in. But he reluctantly accepts the mission and travels to Barun with an espionage team.

What ensues is a race to figure out the kingpin who’s behind the whole operation. We see it’s an organization consisting of about 30 people who are called by an alphabet as their codenames and the kingpin has a deeper and darker vendetta behind instigating a war between these two countries.

I expected it to be fast-paced, but it was a bit slow. There was so much happening at the same time that it got confusing most of the time. It felt like there was a lot of unnecessary information in the middle. Some instances felt odd like Alec accepting the mission so easily when he was so reluctant just a while ago. But the story was intriguing and I was drawn into it in no time. This is the first part of the Alec Goulding and I am excited for the future projects by the author. 

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Published on September 29, 2020

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