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Mortal Conspiracy


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Mortal conspiracy is a medical thriller that tells a tale of deep corruption, greed, and exploitation in the medical field.

Though the medical field has been vastly corporatized, doctors are still considered God by the common people. For the doctors' part, they too relentlessly work inhumane hours for the benefit of mankind. That said, this novel sheds some light on the darker aspects of the medical field. 

What happens when the doctor you blindly trust has ulterior motives? or is not treating you with your well-being in mind? What does a patient do when the person who's supposed to be a lifesaver becomes the very demon that takes it away? How does selfishness look in a selfless industry? This novel unravels the darker and more corrupt parts of the medical industry. 

I enjoy reading medical thrillers. Though this book was heavy on the medical details and jargon, I found it very easy to get through as I do like reading about the various medical procedures. 

The story was good. The pacing was OK. Some characters irrelevant/unimportant to the plot were introduced in the novel, which could have been avoided. Also, there was a lot of info-dumping throughout the book. Another round of editing might ensure such info-dumpy parts are culled out. 

There were also some scenes in the novel that frankly read like filler scenes to me. For example, there's an elaborate excursion scene & I still am wondering how that scene benefited the plot at all. The characters were neutral. None of them appealed to me quite that much as I did not see much of character growth in any of them including the protagonist. The romance was unimpressive but understandable as this novel's a medical drama. 

Overall it's a decent, well-researched medical thriller with an obvious but compelling plot.  

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Published on December 27, 2019

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