Molly's Big Decision


Loved it! 😍

A well-written book about an orphan girl who receives love and kindness from unexpected quarters, and learns to be forgiving and forbearing.

I was pulled into reading this book by its neat, sharp illustrations. I read the book on my Kindle so I couldn't see any color, but even in grey scale, the pictures are quite attractive.

The title piqued my curiosity because I wanted to know just what sort of a decision Molly had to take.

I confess I didn't catch the hidden meaning when I read this book. I didn't know that it was religious fiction and an allegory for the Christian faith. Even then, I enjoyed the story for its own sake. It read just like the Enid Blyton books I used to devour as a child (sans the racism and the bad bits).

There's a whole lot of magic to keep children enthralled. The King is caring and generous like a loving grandfather. Molly even has a little adventure in the palace. Through the task set by the King, she learns to forgive and forget, and to see everybody's good side.

I would recommend this book for all young children!

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Orphaned Molly can’t quite believe her eyes. Overnight, a magnificent palace has mysteriously appeared outside her window.

What she can’t see is a king walking into the palace library to consult an ancient book. The ‘chosen one’ is revealed.

The next day, on Molly’s ninth birthday, she receives a special invitation to visit the palace. Molly meets the king and is given new shoes. She is also invited to join his large family.

Molly learns that life in the palace comes with a mission: to deliver the king’s magic tokens to the village.

The tokens lead her to a nondescript box at the post office where she receives a cryptic note. Alarmingly, it appears to predict imminent misfortune. Molly is soon caught off-guard when her new shoes are stolen. Molly’s integrity is tested when she comes face to face with the shoe thief.

One question remains when she returns to the palace. Why does the king want to adopt her?

The ancient book reveals that Molly was chosen from the beginning of time. She would be the first from her village to be offered adoption.

Molly accepts the king’s offer and discovers profound joy belonging to the royal family.

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Published on March 07, 2020

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