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Highly engaging and digestible for anyone who finds themselves on the job market

Arguably, there's no better time than now for a book about managing your career. Millions of jobs have been disrupted, displaced, eliminated or otherwise impacted by the pandemic. In Modern Career Management, Jim Molloy and M. Brant Butler  lay out the case for being intentional about career planning -- most people will change careers 12 times over their lifetime -- and then offer actionable advice for each step of the way, even or especially if your path has suddenly changed.

To be honest, there are no shortage of book giving advice on careers, getting a new job and finding promotions and engaging work. So what sets this one apart? The format of Modern Career Management is highly engaging and readable by offering advice through a narrative and told through advice to characters like someone searching for a job after graduation, or person abruptly laid off. At the same time, the pages are filled with nuggets of actionable tips like using the different layers of networking.

While much of the tips on tactcs like networking may be timeless, the book also takes into account present (2020) circumstances which make looking for work even harder, and approaches the stories with humanity and empathy. In summary, this book is for those who already know they need help taking the next turn in their career path, and it's also relevant who don't think they need assistance. It provides both reminders and a brush-up for those who may need to do an audit of LinkedIn, resumes, transferrable skills and other career necessities, as well as expose blind spots that can turn into strengths. Just like having a trusted friend proof and offer suggestions on a resume, Modern Career Management provides that needed outside perspective to help a job seeker stay focused and avoid missteps, in order to make sure the right opportunity doesn't slip away.

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Jim Molloy is most passionate about helping others succeed. He has consulted with individuals and organizations on job success and career management since 2003. At the University of MD, Jim taught BMGT 367, Career Search Strategies in Business, a required course for all business students. view profile

Published on November 02, 2020

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